june miles

Happy first day of July!  You bet I ran a good 7 miles today to celebrate the start of this lovely 7th month!



I feel like I really went hard in the month of June.  There was a lot of insanity going on (#vagueblogging) and it served as a great motivator to push.  Seriously.  Endorphins have me like woah. I also wanted to test my body to find the exact right amount of days off that I needed, but in the end, I found that my rest days tend to sort of “plan themselves” due to circumstances or my body just telling me it needed a break.  OK, and let’s be honest, It is was easy to frequent the gym often this month because of this:


Gabriel LOVES LOVES LOVES the babysitter at my gym.  She is such a delight.  She texts me pics while I am running 🙂  I only leave him for an hour, though (usually run 5-6 miles) because I miss him!  Best motivation 🙂  Anyway, I ended up running 123 miles this month!  Yay!  I also managed to cross train a ton (I do this during the boys’ nap when possible; I figure the crappy TV I am watching will be just as entertaining while on my ELLIPTICAL– yup, still obsessed, or mid-plank, ha- who am I kidding!? I rarely plank, but have plans for this!).


Ah, and speaking of motivation- this ripped from an a friend:


SO TRUE, RIGHT?!  Argh that first mile, man!  OK, so now moving on to July!  I usually “wing it” in terms of fitness (kind of best with littles), but I decided to set some goals this month.  Perhaps putting it on this blog will afford me some accountability 🙂  OK, so here we go.  My average mileage/sweet spot is 6 miles/day.  This is where I feel most fit and healthy and not in danger of overuse injury.  People make fun because I always want to be “half marathon ready” which means that I still maintain the weekly long run ritual, although I keep it to 8-10 miles.  My 3 goals for this month are:

  1.  Weekly long run at 10 miles and tempo speed
  2. Run outside once a week AT LEAST (if it allows w the littles)
  3. Core train with a PURPOSE (read: planks, etc.) so to take pressure off of my joints and for the longevity of my running “career!”

What are your July goals!? Be sure to follow along for an update on mine!  (Spoiler alert: I am QUEEN at setting goals and not following through lol).

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