Kid Shoe Knock offs

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Goooooood Sunday!  Hope everyone is gearing up for the holiday and has had an awesome weekend thus far. So, the other day on FB I had a debate with another mom about a pair of knock off Natives and it lead me to want to write a post about kids’ knock offs in general!  For a VERY long time, I had a second job (teaching pays poorly) in the shoe department of Nordstrom.  At the time, Uggs were HUGE and you had to be on the waiting list for them, so I, a self-proclaimed UGG enthusiast, would hoard pairs and spend a significant amount of my paycheck on said shoes.  Shocker. BUT, it got me SUPER interested in knock offs VS the real deal.  I had tried EMUS and liked them but didn’t LOVE them.  I like Bear Paws better, but in the end I typically stuck with UGGS.  So, I thought it would be interesting to do a little study on kids’ knock offs with the help of some friends and my own experience.  This is my own opinion!  LOL. So, without further ado, here is my kid knock off shoe guide, and we OF COURSE have to start with UGG!

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 1.43.52 PM

  1.  UGG VS. Other– Guys, Uggs are expensive.  BUT they hold up SUPER well and I have used TWO pairs as hand-me-downs for my boys, so for this one, I am going to vote UGG!  They will only run you about $35 so the price is good, and my favorite choice for the littles are the Bixby.  Here are super cheap pairs – we have them in navy and grey.  Other knock offs include the Emu Baby Bootie which look EXACTLY the same but are $39.95 and the Emu Cottonwood Infant Tall Booties ring in at $39.95 as well.  Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 1.51.51 PM
  2. Keens Chandler CNX Shoe ($55) VS. Target Toddler Boys’ Surprize by Stride Rite Dominic Fisherman Sandals ($19.60)- I actually linked to the Amazon page bc the Keen website has these babies listed at 55 buckaroos!  OMG. Way too much.  At least the ones on Amazon are cheaper, however, consensus STILL is that the Target knock offs are FAR more superior!  My friends pass on RAVING reviews.  You can get them at your nearest Target and today online for 30% off!Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 11.32.20 AM
  3. Toms ($35) VS. Infant Slip Ons by Stride Rite at Target ($20)– OK, can’t find the link to those, possibly they are seasonal?  But the point is, they last like a week.  I suggested them to my friend and by the time she bought them, mine had fallen apart!  LOL!  I got them when G just started walking and they were DONE in a week- They got super dirty and dingy quickly and then started ripping!  I also felt the support was WAY off.  OK, so, infant TOMS al the way. Again, we have a pair of hand me downs that Z wore and still were in great shoe for Gabriel.  I just bought G his own pair (he grew out of the others) and I LOOOVE them. He loves them too.  AND?!  Totally durable.  I get mine from Nordies but they also have on Amazon for the same price if you have an issue with delayed gratification like me 🙂 PS:  The infant Unisex Paseo is beyond cute.                                              IMG_1351
  4. Natives ($32-$47) VS iPlay sneaker/sandals ($14.99)– OK, so I will start by saying that I have a REALLY tough time paying 47 dollars for a piece of rubber!  With holes.  But still.  We have 3 to clothe!  So, maybe I was already biased?  I also used to work at a children’s play space and we would sell these and I could never understand the thrill behind them.  I certainly couldn’t afford them, so I bought the knock off iPlay ones and they are LEGIT!  We LOVE them in this house.  They cost at MOST $15 (I hear they have gone down to $7 even!) so you could buy TWO pair if you needed!  LOL.  There are also Croc versions, again for WAY too much IMO (from $19.95-49.95).  I don’t have any experience with those but you can get them here!Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 2.22.25 PM.png
  5. Payless Light Ups ($15) VS. Disney Light Ups ($39.99)– OK, so with our boys, light up shoes are ALL the rage.   The middle one is obsessed with his SpideysScreen Shot 2016-07-03 at 2.20.06 PM                                            and the older is totally into his Captain America Civil War ones.


Um I cannot with the cuteness.  Anyway, we do have experience with the more expensive Disney ones and they seem very cumbersome.  They also don’t light up as much as the Payless ones and you can’t really tell who/what they are at a distance!  So, in this case, again, the knock off ones win!

OK, well that was just a short guide to the knock offs VS legitties 🙂


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