How to Master the MUMU

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Guys, thank me later.  Here is how you do:

  1.  Put on MUMU
  2. Rock it.

Seriously though, I feel like women of a particular age (ahem) EARN the right to wear a MUMU LOL.  I am here to give you FULL PERMISSION to not only wear, but ROCK a mumu.  Once you go MU you never go back.  Trust me.

One of my favorite friends who I greatly admire, turned me on to the mumu on a recent shopping trip.  And seriously!?  Haven’t.  Taken.  It. Off.  I now have THREE mumus and will wear them ALL SUMMER! I mean, what ELSE can you wear in this heat!?  AND, best part?!  Works perfectly when crawling on the floor w the littles 🙂


So, here are my only two suggestions for your successful mumu wearing: buy one that has slits up the side so to make moving around in it easier, and get a v-neck one so that it hangs off the shoulder and looks cuter 🙂 My favorite mumu is from H&M and is only 10 BUCKS!  Go. Get. It. Now.  As an aside, if you are NOT shopping at H&M, I don’t know why. Go do it.  OK!  Hope you enjoyed my PSA!

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