Brunch for 30+ in less than 2 hours

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You read right 🙂  You, too, can do it!  OK, so a few things before I roll into the how to; the brunch is buffet style and perfect for an open house, as we used it for today and it was 20 adults and 12 kids!  OK, so here we go!



Beverage station (coffee, juices and italian sodas)


Toasting station (mini bagels, spreads)


Parfaits (yogurt, berries and granola)


Egg muffins (potatoes and peppers, turkey sausage, cheddar and eggs)


Monkey Bread



So, here is how you do it!   YOU CAN BREAK IT UP!  You can either do the first 1/2 hour of prep the night before (as I did) and 1.5 the next morning, or all in the morning.

OK, so here is your timeline…

0-0:05:  Take all ingredients out and sort by plate on countertops- take potatoes out to thaw!

0:05-00:15:  Prep fruit- wash strawberries (chop as well) and berries.  Sprinkle with sugar, stir and let sit (in fridge) covered with foil.

0:15-00:20 Cut sausage- I bought precooked turkey sausage

0:20-0:30  Wash grapes and cut into clusters.

0:30-0:45 Make Monkey Bread – in oven for 45 minutes, cool for 15

0:45-1:15 Make egg muffins (modifications:  used Ore Ida frozen potatoes o-brien – in oven for final time for 15 minutes (in between the eggs cooking, put out your tableware for the main table, prep coffee station)

1:15-1:30 Make parfaits

1:30-1:40 Create toasting station (wait until now to keep bread fresh)- put mini bagels in a basket with a napkin inside.  Put out spreads and knives with napkins and plates.

1:40-1:45 Add juices/cups to beverage station

1:45-1:55 Plate egg muffins, monkey bread and parfaits









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