Loving Lately: July

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Hello hello!  How is everyone holding up in this swamp!?  Here are ten things I am loving lately (and a few pertain to said swamp lol):

  1.  Water Play- DAMN it is hot!  We are loving playing in our “yard” area with hoses and bubbles (more on that in a minute). We also take the occasional trip to the “splash pads.”  There are 3 within a few blocks from us:  Star Garden (6/Lombard-our favorite as it is the least crowded, so the boys can run easily between the splashing and the play equipment), Seger (10/Lombard) and Headhouse Sq. Fountain.
  2. This kid’s ponytail– I refuse to cut his curls yet, so in the heat I will give him a pony and good GOD is it cute!?
  3. San Pellegrino Blood Orange– HOLY.YUM.  So, I typically am not a fan of beverages with calories.  I don’t love juice- it always seems thick to me and fills me up (I know, weirdo).  And admittedly, we have a bit of a diet soda issue around here (refrain from commenting- WE KNOW).  BUT, when I met this here honey, I fell for it immediately.  I drink it as a snack almost as it is refreshing and has just the right amount of sugar to put some pep in my step.  And it is soooooo delicious!?  I know it is hardly new, but it is new to me!                                                                           IMG_0094
  4. This IKEA Lunchbox– Zach asked for this the last time we were in IKEA and I really hesitated.  I thought it would be like many other things he “begged for” and never needed up using LOL. But given the price tag of $3.99, I decided to go for it, and what a hit!  The kids fight over this lunchbox and so we are going to make a trip over there soon to grab some more.  I highly recommend it.  It is easy to clean, you can throw in dishwasher if needed, and it holds just the right amount of stuff! LOVE THIS.IMG_0137
  5. Bubble Bashing– We got one of these cool bubble machines (only $13 and comes with awesome bubbles-you know some are lame, these are not) and a new game we have been playing as of late is popping the bubbles with their paddles.  (Song optional, but it is “We’re gonna pop, pop, pop the bubbles…”)  We LOVE this Melissa and Doug Tootle Turtle Racquet and Ball Set as it fills our ball/paddle needs too.  It legit keeps the kiddos entertained for minutes!  LOL 🙂 EFCC0F2E-D43B-4555-8AF6-A49C013DA5E3
  6. Crayola Color Wonder markers and coloring books (only 7 bucks!)- With this heat we need some more indoor play options.  This one we are playing with is Mickey Mouse- Gabriel loves it.  He calls Mickey Elmo, as he does with any animated or fuzzy character.  I LOVE this because there is NO MESS and the kiddos LOVE it!601AD5A0-4055-4477-B794-0CB51F6FDAA7
  7. Litehouse Ranch- So, funny story- I am not typically one who sees a commercial and is impacted by it, but I saw this recent TV ad for this Ranch dressing.  It basically states that dressing should be refrigerated (agree) and not filled with crazy artificial ingredients.  Also agree. The ad is actually really powerful (lol) and prompted me to try this Litehouse Ranch. UMMMMM totally obsessed.  And the kiddos too! Chace will stick his WHOLE hand in the jar to “dip” his carrots. It is beyond adorable.  IMG_0095
  8. The “grape cutting” trick- (!!!!) Our kids LOVE grapes, but mommy doesn’t love the ojeda it gives her 🙂  So, I was told you could put the grapes between two plates and half them like so.  Voila!  Ummmm well, it took FOUR tries to get it right, but it WORKS!  Here, let me save you some time:  Put the grapes on a real plate (not paper-tried that). Then, put another real plate on top (bottom down- DO NOT flip it over- tired that as well LOL).  Push down hard as you slide a knife between the two plates-serrated works best- and slice through.  When you lift the plate you will see all halved grapes! Yay!  Try it.  Kinda cool.
  9. Our Nest thermometer Man, I could wax poetic about this, but it is pretty obvious why I am loving this lately!  PS:  Did you know Amazon carries this gem!?                                                 153DAEE1-EE2E-490B-B0CF-8B2DF9C1C54E
  10. Running the Ben Franklin Bridge- I wrote about my “goose bump run” that took place on the BFB, but it is worth mentioning again.  One of my July goals was to get run outside once a week and I am happy to report that I am doing it!  I have been trying to run this great bridge with beyond amazing views each weekend. It is a PERFECT route for me.  1 mile there, 1 mile back and the bridge itself is 1.5 over and 1.5 back.  5 miles total with some GREAT elevations thrown in there.  In fact, here is the BFB’s elevation profile:  Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 4.11.46 PM.pngAnd here are the details from Map My Run.



Goddamn I love that bridge.  Can you tell!? LOL

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