Guns in the Home and Our Modern Family

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OK.  It is time.  The latest Baton Rouge slain officers are the straw.  The camel’s back has broken.  I have to make a statement in strong support of those officers who risk their lives daily for us and our safety.  I have to make a statement against the hatred that I see every. single. time. I turn on the TV.  This world is scary and shit is getting real.  So, our stance on guns in the home:  they do not exist for us.  There is NO need for ANY civilian to have a semiautomatic weapon, but I will end my diatribe there.  In our home, with 3 boys, we DO NOT allow the use of the word “gun.”  Of course our children play with water shooters, etc. but we will not use the word “gun” and there is no need for them to do so.  I worry that it normalizes the word and the subject.  And it isn’t ok. I will not raise my boys to raise guns.  Instead, we call anything that “shoots” a “blaster,” “pashooter” or the like.  But never a gun.  Guns are for police officers, military and similar, and our boys will be taught as such.


We, of course, allow our children to play games, but we explain VERY thoroughly that these are JUST games.  

This is a discussion that we have had between our two homes (ours and the boys dad’s) and we all agree.  Speaking of who these people are; they are OUR MODERN FAMILY.  I have had dozens of emails, comments, etc understandably wanting an explanation as to who is included in our modern family and how they got there 🙂  I promise you, this post will be coming!  Unfortunately we are in active litigation (NOT involving my children, thank God) right now so I have to protect those involved right now, but soon!  I promise!

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