A Lesson on Buoyancy for your Little Ones

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Hello!  I hope everyone is surviving this heat!  I hear we are due for a break in the humidity come Wednesday and BOY are we looking forward to Wednesday!  In the meantime, here is a super fun activity for your to do with your littles that will teach them the primary concept(s) of buoyancy.  

We watch a good amount of Sid The Science Kid in our house, as I feel that it does an excellent job of promoting the exploration and learning of STEAM for our kiddos.  Yes, it is admittedly a little cheesy and a LOT catchy 🙂  Does anyone else watch this?  Anyway, on a recent night, Zach asked if we could do a “super fab lab” at our home.  The super fab lab is where the kids on “Sid” learn all sorts of cool science concepts such as inertia, friction, etc. So, this particular night, I scoured my old teacher brain and quickly whipped out a big bowl of water.  I then asked the littles if they wanted to see what would sink or float in our water. I then started singing one of the “Science Kids” songs, substituting the word “buoyancy” and the littles were HOOKED.


We tested out all sorts of objects, discussing why they might or might not sink or float.   I had them guess first if it would sink or float and we made a little chart, checking off “sink or float” for the final results.  This is actually teaching the primary concepts of journaling, super important for STEAM.  We first, of course, tested out a Lego.


I really thought it would sink due to the holes in this particular Lego, but it floated!  We then tried a can of tuna (buna- I make silly names for things).  Sunk.


Zach was then super interested in trying a piece of the Lego box. At first it floated, then he “tried to make it sink” and it worked.  I asked him why he thought this happened. An important part of these activities are the questions you ask your littles as these become tools for higher order thinking.


How fun, right!??! Even the adults got in on the action. The big guy was CONVINCED the pretzel would both float AND sink.  The boys got tired of waiting, but then…he was right!


Oh, so this is what G was doing when he got sick of the buoyancy game…


We are slightly obsessed with these amazing Melissa and Doug Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Magnets (less than $8!).  OK!  Hope you liked this cute little activity!  It is one that can be repeated too, which is always good!

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