3 Cheers for Diggerland, USA!

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Hello everyone!  I wanted to do a quick review post on Diggerland USA, because after I posted a few snapshots on FB I received about a dozen questions about it!  Totally worth a post 🙂  So, we have been looking to try Diggerland for about a year now.  The olders are 4 years old and G is up and running and thinks he is at least as old as the others 🙂  Really.  I had avoided this “theme park” because I thought it was far and I am not a big car ride lover.  But when we tossed around some ideas for our weekend fun, I researched and it was actually only 35-40 minutes from our home (Center City Philadelphia)!  Score.


Matching digger tanks FTW!

OK, so I guess a few caveats are needed:  I felt that we were one of the few families there when we arrived around 10:30.  The park opens at 10 and we were planning on doing this as a morning activity only due to the heat and the still napping (knock on wood!) kiddos.  The regular park hours, though are typically 10-7, however there are some changes daily so check the website prior to going.  There were literally NO lines.  It seemed so empty and easy, but again, though, as a caveat, I think the heat scared some people away.  And understandably so.  There is VERY little shade at Diggerland which in yesterday’s heat could have been a disaster!  However, I really felt like Diggerland did a GREAT job at managing the heat as best they could.  Every few feet there was a fan misting water and a huge umbrella for shade over many benches.  As for other “indoor” areas at Diggerland, there is really only a large tented area with tables near the food vendor, a covered “arcade” that had a good amount of air circulating, and of course, the gift shop.  The rest is out in the open.  Like legit in the open.  BRING SUNSCREEN!  We applied many times within the course of the morning.


OK, so a note on pricing: (Because I am anal) I bought our tickets on line ahead of time.  I used a coupon code.  You should use it too!  It is $5 off any day ticket (coupon code DIGMANAGER).  So, I made the mistake of buying Gabriel a ticket.  Admittedly, the pricing online is a bit confusing and I thought that he would need a ticket.  When I got to the park, they said I didn’t need a ticket for him, so THEY immediately offered to refund me the money onto a Diggerland gift card which I thought was pretty awesome!  We then had $25 to spend on food!  Speaking of food, we got the family party bucket which was $29 and fed us all!  It was chicken fingers and fries. We did have to pay for drinks and the mandatory ice pops 🙂 But having that additional $25 was pretty great.  Here is some information on single-day tickets:

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 1.37.54 PM

So, speaking of Gabriel, there were not many rides that he could go on.  He could do some “lap rides” and the park provides you with this height guide to peruse ahead of time.  We found that to be super helpful.  Our older boys were able to go on pretty much everything, and certainly anything they wanted to.  Gabriel was unfortunately left out of those rides :/


But, there are some really great things for toddlers his age (18 months).  The playground (Kid Zone) area was FABULOUS.  ALL 3 boys LOVED it and it was a GREAT addition to Diggerland.  We were SUPER pleased with it.

OK, so back to the rides for a moment…the boys started out on the Barrel Train.  SO FUN!

They also took turns on the mini diggers (ducks-catch ducks, bowlers-knock down pins and treasures-dig through dirt), giant diggers, Backhoe Adventure, Argo off road, and a few more (I was doing some back and forth-ing to the car for sunscreen).

Ahhhhh so speaking of back and forth-ing to the car. We also thought this was fabulous: the parking could NOT have been more convenient. OUr car was mere steps from both the Exit and entrance, and after a hot day we were more than appreciative of this!  It was also great for grabbing things from the car (diaper changes, sunscreen etc) at any given point.  GOOD DEAL.  So funny what becomes important as a mom…LOL!  Oh, and here is the park map!

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 1.55.54 PM

Also, while we were there, we were able to see some birthday parties in progress and I was SUPER impressed.  One to love a good themed birthday party, Diggerland does it right. I didn’t want to sneak pics of some strangers’ birthday party, but the decor was adorable, complete with construction tape roping off the area and cute construction “toolkits” written on with chalk as centerpieces. Super cute.  Might have stolen some ideas 🙂 Information about their party packages are here.  Also, I found a coupon code for $40 off party bundles: 05DLNL40.  OK, so that is some information on Diggerland!  We certainly enjoyed and hope you do too if you plan on visiting!  Feel free to send along additional questions and comments!  And stay cool out there, guys!


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