Running In July

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July run

It literally seems like yesterday that I was posting about “Running in June.”  Right!?  Anyone else feel like this summer is flying by!? Woah. OK, so I have been KILLING it with miles lately and I have been (overall) feeling great.  The heat has obviously made my outdoor runs (more on that later) suuuuper challenging and I’ve suffered at times from a bit of heavy legs, surprisingly when I am not running (more when I am walking around with the kiddos, on my feet a long time, etc).   Other than that though, I am feeling great and am seeing gains in my running fitness, which is awesome.  I followed through on my goals for July.  Here they are again with my progress bolded.

  1.  Weekly long run at 10 miles and tempo speed- My half marathon plan was tweaked here– weekly long run was 8.5 this week and 9.5 (maybe 10?) next week.
  2. Run outside once a week AT LEAST (if it allows w the littles)- YUP!  In fact ran outside on average 1.5 times a week this month which is huge!
  3. Core train with a PURPOSE (read: planks, etc.) so to take pressure off of my joints and for the longevity of my running “career!”- NOPE.  Did like 4 planks this month.  LOL

Newtons.  Always.  FTW.  No socks. I know.

OK, so here are my three August goals:

a.  Weekly long runs to build for the half marathon, maintain consistency (might be hard as we are traveling a bit in August

b.  Run outside 1.5 times a week (also might be hard with travel-I tend to rely on hotel gyms when I travel as my natural GPS is crap)

c.  Core train – LOL

As you can see, my goals are pretty much to maintain what I have been doing.  We are traveling in August so we shall see how things progress!  I am super stoked for the half in September and will do my best to get those long runs in!  I will leave you with some cool scenes from my recent runs!

And two jump shots, but of course…



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