Date Night Done Right

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Hello everyone!  Happy August!  So, I wanted to do a post on how we manage to have dates while running a household with 3 boys!  Guess what?  It isn’t easy but it is SO important!  Any parent of young children knows that the days consist of much running, doing, going, caring, etc and that by the time the bedtime hour rolls around, both parents are DONE-ZO and the last thing on anyone’s mind is date night.


BUT, we also know the importance of maintaining the personal relationship with your partner as the cornerstone of the family.  My guy and I have been doing this dating thing for quite some time but it NEVER gets old.  Yea, I’m kinda into him 😉  I credit this to his amazing personality, love for me, super good looks 🙂 and our persistence in maintaining our relationship.  One REALLY important rule we always follow is that Mama gets greeted first when the dude walks in the door.  It really helps us to set the tone and the children to see this as well.   OK, so the other thing is doing date night right.  Here are our top 3 date night suggestions with all different sitter/no sitter combos:

  1.  NO SITTER= HOTEL NIGHT– You guys know that I love the bedroom to mimic a hotel setup; very zen, calm, serene and clean.  So, we like to do a hotel night every few weeks where we LITERALLY pretend we are in a hotel.  We gather EVERYTHING we will need for our night and lock the bedroom door. We rent a movie and eat IN BED!  I LOVE eating in bed.  SO much.


    Sorry babe!  He is going to kill me.  

  2. SITTER FOR AN HOUR (or at the tail end of your kiddos’s school)= CHEESE PLATE DATE!- We love love love cheese, fancy drinks and people watching, so this date is the best!  I only have one babysitter that we use (Zach’s teacher) so we don’t get our that often unless my mom watches the boys.  I don’t like leaving her for too long so this one hour date is just perfect!  Our favorite time is a friday afternoon happy hour. As you guys know, we don’t drink, so you could spruce up this date with some adult bevies but we stick to cheese, san pellegrino and flirting 🙂  Our favorite place for this date is Talulah’s Table on Washington square.  It is next to Talulah’s Garden, one of our favorite restaurants, and the cheese plates are LEGIT!  The accoutrements are to die for and this baby fills us up enough for dinner! We also love to follow up our cheese plate date with a trip through the national rose garden around the corner for us. What a treat!


  3. NIGHT SITTER= RESTAURANT- I know, seems obvious, however, it is fun to note that getting dressed up and going out on the town can be super helpful in connecting with your partner and disconnecting from the crazy life parents live!  Our 3 favorite date night restaurants in the city are:a.  Talulahs Garden (previously mentioned)

    b. Al Fourno (a hole in the wall amazing Italian restaurant at 6th and South)

    c.  Ocean Prime (complete with a private investigator to mind your doings—-I’ll tell you the whole story soon)

How is THAT for a before and after lol?!  Anyway, hope one or more of these ideas struck your fancy and I would LOVE to know what your favorite date night is!  Do share!



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