10 Things of Late

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Guys.  I am so whupped.  Like legit.  Physically and emotionally I am more exhausted than I have been in a while!  These past couple weeks have been insanely awesome but insanely busy as well!  This is the reason for my blog absence…I know, you totally missed me 🙂 So, without further ado, here are 10 things of late:

  1.  I broke my toe.  And sliced open the bottom of my other foot.  And pulled a calf muscle.  Seriously.  Has it affected my training?  Nope.  Of course not. Because I am insane :  And…Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.53.54 PM             (source)  But seriously, last Tuesday I was wrangling the jogging stroller out of the car trunk and as I pulled it out, an enormous shadow box painting (still left in there from the move) fell corner down onto my second to little toe. All of the glass shattered and it was NOT pretty.  I screamed.  A lady across the strew came over as she observed it.  And Gabe laughed.  I didnt think I had broken it initially and thank GOD I had my Newtons on because my normally flip-flopped feet would have been CRUSHED.  I went about my merry way and did my usual 6 miler until around mile 2 it was clear that something was very wrong with my foot.  It hasn’t felt good since.  I’m going to go ahead and diagnose this one myself.  Bummer.  Advil.  Advil. Be warned: TMI grossness coming in 3..2….1…


    Warned you!  This is days later and after much Advil/ice

  2. This cross body bag has me like woah.  Unfortunately my last Michael Kors cross body pooped the bed a couple weeks ago (obviously overstuffed with diapers, etc.) and it had given me a good run.                                   IMG_0375I needed a new one asap bc I do not leave the house without a cross body typically.  I saw a teacher at Z’s school with a super cute one (again MK) so I went over to Century 21 and got myself one STAT!  I kinda love it.  It is stone/grey (one of my favorite colors) and nylon so when I inevitable spill a juice box in there or a million other things, I can wipe it down.


    Dig it.  

  3. Double Knot- This Phila restaurant that is new to me, shares its kitchen with Sam Pan, another favorite.  We went on a double date there last week and it is FABULOUS! Go try it!


    This girl ROCKS!  Also one of my faves!

  4. Transformer chocolate molded lollipops are easy and a total crowd pleaser!  Get the molds here and the melting color wafers hereIMG_0901
  5. Transfomers cakes are equally cool!  So, I will do an entire post dedicated to a Transformers bday party theme as it does deserve its own post for sure, but for now, check out this cake:Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 3.10.47 PM
  6. I also made a simpler sheet cake for our at-home party and I LOVED the sugar sheet I ordered-the company was AWESOME!  Get yours here!  It was so simple and beautiful!

    Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 3.10.29 PM

    I know, how about those boys in this pic?!  How stinkin’ cute?!

  7. HAIR!  OK, I’ve been meaning to shout this out on my blog, and I have gotten a few questions about this.  My hair guy Richard is AMAZING!  I love everything about him 🙂  He is over at Tundella & Co on 2nd and Chestnut.  Thank me later 🙂IMG_1128
  8. Chuck E. Cheese is a great place to have a birthday party.  That’s it 🙂
  9. True Story- I lost my car AND house keys (on same ring) a couple months ago.  No joke, I FINALLY got them back yesterday!  Turned out someone at the park found them and I finally saw the sign yesterday! BIG WIN!


    Beyond stoked!!!!

  10. And finally…adult shirts look BEYOND cute on little kids 🙂IMG_1203

And because this adorable dude has not made an appearance on today’s post…


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