The truth about running and loving a non-runner

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Ooooook!! Hello there!!  Coming at you from vacation and having such a blast!  I wanted to address a topic that I have been asked often: does your man run?

I know.  Super handsome, RIGHT?!

Well, first I laugh 😉 and then I say ” thank G-d no!”  I mean, you’d think that I would like to share my love of running w my guy. And there are people who do that and to whom that is super important (to have a partner to run with).  But for me? Absolutely not. I actually prefer to not have a partner who is as into running as me. I mean how annoying am I am about running?!? Could you imagine that times two lol?!? Seriously though, besides the fact that I can be quite the competitive little bitch, I really have always felt that running was a solo sport for me. I have blogged about this in the past and it remains true to this day.  So, no, my guy is NOT a runner. And I am MORE than A-OK with that!  He also doesn’t LIKE running, so why would I EVER want him to do something he doesn’t like?!


For us, a couple who DOESN’T run together, stays together LOL!

So, speaking of “liking running,” now moving onto another truth about running:  IT SUCKS.  Like sometimes, it REALLY REALLY SUCKS!  Like, when I would truly rather sit on the couch and surf the inter webs while the boys are napping, but KNOW that my running is integral to my training, which is integral to racing well and staying HEALTHY and FIT (and mentally well).  I have fought SO hard to attain the level of fitness that I am right now, and I am unabashedly so proud of myself (insert head pat).  This isn’t really a humble brag and I totally get it if you’ve tuned me out or clicked me closed lol, but sometimes you have to praise yourself for working hard!  It feels SO good to be a able to maintain a daily 6 mile run and feel great. My body is strong and fit and can do amazing things.


Wave jumping at the pool with my boys

I make a choice each and every day to put on my sneakers. And just do it.  But the point is, it is HARD and sometimes it SUCKS.  I just saw this article pop up on FB and boy is is true!  Fellow runners- how true is this?!IMG_1507

Here are a few things that make me move it when I really don’t feel like it:

  1.  FAKE it.  Plaster on a smile and even take a selfie if that is your thing (I mean, ya’ll know it is mine).  Smile through it.  Sing if you need to.


    Fake. As. Ever. LOL 🙂

  2. You WILL feel amazing when you are done
  3. The first ten minutes (mile or so) MIGHT suck but you WILL feel better after that AND you can do ANYTHING for ten minutes.  That mantra helps me a lot.
  4. Remember why you are doing this.  Is it for a race?  For general health?  Getting back into shape?  Losing a bit of extra weight?  For the sheer run (fun) of it ?  Whatever it is, focus on it and WERK.
  5. Whatever you do, it is better than nothing!  (good one, eh?)

Anyway, just a few thoughts as I sit by the pool post run soaking up some rays 🙂 I will be back soon with an AWESOME bathing suit post and a GREAT guest post later in the week form a friend of mine who is incredibly inspirational and will be sharing her weight loss journey!!! Stoked!

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