$5.98 Bathing Suits

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Yup.  You heard me right.  Run, don’t walk, to Target. Right now. Find the clearance rack, and….GO!


Awkwardly modeling one of my new favorites 🙂

(Top and Bottom)-Get them online now!


closer look

Guys, I admittedly have not purchased a bathing suit at LEAST since prior to having children.  Scratch that.  I think I bought a skirt-type bottom from Athelta off clearance the first summer after having Z. So….4 years ago.  Anyway, needless to say, my suits were a bit shabby (not chic) and circa 1990s.  So, as I knew I would be going to the beach for a long stretch, it was time to suck it up (buttercup) and go in search of some new swimming digs. I, of course, hit up my favorite store (Target) and scoured the clearance rack while Z and G (shamelessly) watched “C is for cookie” in the cart.  10 minutes and 50 bucks later, I emerged with 6 NEW SUITS!!! Next up is this super cute top I snagged (I matched it with a black swim skirt I already own):

Bummer.  Seems like the bottom only is available online?  So, I am slightly obsessed with this Tori Praver bikini as the top mimics and Olympic Volley ball top (ie- I can jump and move and not fall out) and the bottoms stay on equally well.  I am seeing that bottoms are having the “three string” attachments a lot.  Are you?


(Couldn’t find exact one online because it is clearance maybe? But here is a similar one, same brand:  Top and Bottom)  I LOVE this Marimekko one that was LITERALLY $5.98 for the top and $5.98 for the bottom!  And in my size!  I LOVE buying separates not only to mix and match but because I am a solid M on top and S on bottom.  So it is is super helpful!

I also picked up this great Marimekko top (for $5.98 also) as it looked great for kid-type activities if you know what I mean 🙂


Not sure why things are posting upside down.  Sorry!  But you get the idea!  I will pair this w a solid bottom I already have.

I wish I could link to these babies, but because they (the Marimekko ones) are all clearance you have to go to the store and scour the racks like I did.   Oh, and I snagged this baby at the local Nordstrom Rack-


It is from last year, but really!?  I don’t care! #allthefloral  OK, so I hope you enjoyed my little round of “find a cheap bathing suit fast” because I sure did!

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.27.04 PM

PS:  Also snagged this little romper (in picture above) for less than $12 an they still have online here!  I love this color for summer especially when I have a little tan going for me 🙂

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