Exercise on Vacation and Abs for Health

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Hello hello!  Boy has it been a great week!


We are seriously having an amazing time.  I get the question often:  Do you work out on vacation.  Do YOU!?  I most certainly do.  I am a woman of routine, a creature of habit, and on vacation is no difference!  I am also a major nerd and LOVE exploring different gyms (especially nice ones, like the ones here where we are staying; Peninsula Resort). I would LOVE to say that I love seeing different areas on foot, but admittedly my GPS skills are…off.  I spend the whole time on my run worrying about finding my way home.  LOL. True story.  Anyway, I LOVE the gym here.  It is spacious, clean and has GREAT equipment.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.46.23 AM.png

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BTW: I have certain standards for a treadmill.  I will pass it up if there is NO FAN. Really! I need a fan blowing in my face.  OK, so logistically, how do I/we make it work?!  Well, I typically work out during the littles’ nap times, so on vacation (at least here) I do the same!  After I nurse G and put him for his nap, I say goodnight to the others (usually S puts them down) and head out to the fitness center.  I have established a LOVELY routine and I am digging it!  I will get my run in, and a few minutes of core…more on that in a bit…then head out to the (adult) pool for some cool down and relaxation.  I will sit and chill and eventually crawl over to the snack bar to snag a soft pretzel with honey mustard dip, a Diet Coke and a fruit salad.


I know, lunch of champions, but BOY does it taste good at about 3 in the afternoon!  Makes for an awesome late lunch and then I return to our house refreshed and ready for the boys to wake up!  It really works well now, although I shudder to think what will happen when they stop napping (gasp!).  For now, though, it totally works.  OK, now moving on to…ABS! Lol!  So, you’ve heard me talk about my lack of desire to do abs.  More like my belief that if I am on my feet running for at least an hour at a time, I must be strengthening my core.  Right?  Right?!

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.31.48 AM.png

Not sure about that theory, however, when I went to my new GP the other week, she didnt exactly seem to agree bahahahhaha.  Well, let me take a step back: I have been noticing this pain in my belly, right under my belly button, that started a few months after G’s brith.  I sort of thought I had a hernia, but didn’t really want to do anything about it, because #needlephobiaisreal. LOL Really though. I am a SUPER wuss.  It really really hurts when G or Z are straddling my hips and being carried that way  (their foot pushes into my belly button area).  So, when I asked my GP, she said I definitely still have some Diastasis Recti from both of my pregnancies and that I needed to “strengthen my core.”  Ouch!  FYI: (from WebMD)

Diastasis recti” means your belly sticks out because the space between your left and right belly muscles has widened. You might call it a “pooch.”  It’s very common among pregnant women. About two-thirds of pregnant women have it.  Newborn babies also can have this belly spread, and it should go away on its own. Men can get it, possibly from yo-yo dieting, from doing sit-ups or weightlifting the wrong way, or from other causes.  Having more than one child makes this condition more likely, especially if they’re close in age. You’re also more likely to get it if you’re over 35 when pregnant, or if you’re having a heavy baby or twins, triplets, or more.  Pregnancy puts so much pressure on the belly that sometimes the muscles in front can’t keep their shape. “Diastasis” means separation. “Recti” refers to your ab muscles called the “rectus abdominis.” When the ab muscles move aside like this, the uterus, bowels, and other organs have only a thin band of connective tissue in front to hold them in place. Without the needed muscle support, a vaginal delivery could be more difficult.   The condition also can cause lower back painconstipation, and urine leaking. It can even make it harder to breathe and to move normally. It’s rare, but in extreme cases, the tissue may tear, and organs may poke out of the opening — that’s called a hernia.  The muscle opening often shrinks after giving birth, but in some studies of women with diastasis recti, the muscle wasn’t back to normal even a year later.


Anyway, I took this Dr seriously and have been “ab-ing it up” on vacation and I can at least see a little difference?  I haven’t had any pain, but the pain was intermittent so I want to wait a bit before I make a definite conclusion on this.  I LOVED this sign that the gym had- super helpful.  I knew the balls were different sizes for a reason, I just wasn’t exactly sure of the reason 🙂


I will do a post soon on what type of ab torture I do 🙂  In the meantime, tell me about how you do or don’t work out on vacation.  And abs?  

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