Guest Post! Sunday Inspiration: Melissa’s Story

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Hello hello everyone!  I have been having a great time on vacation and have been SO excited to share this guest post and I thought a Sunday would be a great day for some inspiration.  And boy is this poster inspiring!  So, I admittedly struggled with the title of this post.  Initially had titled it “Melissa’s weight loss story” but, after reading though Melissa’s story a few times, I realized that it is far more than just a “weight loss story.”  I am sure you will agree!  So, without further ado…Here is Melissa!

Editor’s note:  I met Melissa about a decade ago.  We taught together and she is super nice however taught a different grade so we didn’t know each other that well.  She ended up actually photographing my wedding many years ago as part of a dynamic husband/wife photography team.  Check out their Hopkins Studios Page.  I highly recommend them; they are fabulous!  Currently, I enjoy following Melissa’s continued running journey and live vicariously through her “southern” running routes (and recent half Mary in Ireland!). GO MELISSA!

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