Heavy Mileage and Current Likes

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Hello hello!  We are finally back from vacation (although I wish I was still there- what a blast!) and I am preparing a post on how to “sanely” transition back from vacation, but until then, I wanted to do a quick check in about some other random items 🙂 So, when I opened my planner on Sunday (LOVE me a good [paper] planner) I went to add my weekly mileage from last week and was floored!  I took one day off but managed to get 42 miles in!  Yahooooo!  And on a vacation week?!  Even better!  (Head pats)

OK.  So, also want to talk about a few things that I am LOVING lately:

  1.  #BoyMom gear-  My guy got me some of these items and I immediately fell in love (with both the man and gear lol).  Really though, I LOVE this line and the fabric is great.  Soft and great quality. In fact, I would like to order some more.  BUT I will say; I am LESS than pleased with their customer service.  I emailed them on August 11 and STILL haven’t heard back. I tried again on the 18th and nothing.  Not a great way to run a business and such a shame because I REALLY like this stuff.  Bummer.


    #boymom hat and #outnumbered tank 

  2. Neat Solutions Table Toppers-  So, Gabe is now eating at the actual table (still in his highchair but without the tray) as he HAS to eat with the big boys.  True Story.  I tried so hard to clean up well every time he ate but alas I was concerned that my wooden dining table was beginning to get destroyed. So, I remembered these babies from Z’s toddler-hood and boy have they saved me!  I LOVE that they are super easy to use, travel well, are colorful and teach first concepts and disposable!  SUPER easy clean up.  For the win!                                                            Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.16.08 PM
  3. Matching outfits- Yea, I’m a #boymom and I am also #outnumbered, however, it does not mean I don’t love matching the boyos with their outfits!  It is super fun!  It makes them easier to find if we are in a crowd and contrary to the picture below, it makes for some amazing photo ops 🙂           IMG_1513
  4. Gro-Bag wearable blankets– So, after my boys are finished “being swaddled” (age of this depended on their individual needs) I moved right to a wearable blanket with both.  In fact,Z wore his until he was about 2.5  I REALLY LOVE THIS COMPANY and their wearable blankets.  They are a European company and the quality is FABULOUS.  They can be a bit pricey but I use each for about a year (regardless of the “age suggestions”).  It is basically like a sleeping bag for your toddler.  I don’t love the idea of G getting lost under conventional blankets and he is still too young to fix the covers himself, so these are AMAZING!  Because the company is European, they use TOGS as a measurement of weight (thickness of the fabric).  And, if you choose, you can use in the car as well as there is a zipper for car seat buckles.  Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.20.59 PM
  5. BIP (Bachelor in Paradise)- I know.  I am so smart though!  Look, I am a fan of this franchise, unabashedly so. Everyone needs to unplug and for me, this works.   Anyone else watching?!  I mean, I was EXTRA stoked to see an old buddy of mine and his beautiful wife (Katie Lowes who plays Quinn on Scandal) on “after Paradise Live.”  This WILL be my treadmill material for tomorrow. Can’t wait!

    Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.43.12 PM.png

    Cannot.  Stop. Laughing at this.  Sorry Shaps!  But Katie looks gorgeous!  LOL

  6. Adult coloring books- YUP!  Finally on that train.  For the past year I kept saying “REALLY!?  COLORING?!” But yea, I totally get it know.  Speaking of unplugging (with BIP or whatever else), I am trying coloring as a way to unwind.  I have a very active mind (and body) and I am hoping that these books will be a super fun and creative way to relax!  Anyone else on this train!?
  7. This hair wand– After seeing some ads for very expensive hair wands, I picked this one up while at the beach (here on Amazon for only $22) because I needed some beach waves, and I am HOOKED.  Seriously, though, Rich (my hair guy)- between the sun COMPLETELY lightening my (natural) blonde hair and this new find, we might be breaking up 🙂  LOL I kid.  But really, this wand is SOOOOO easy and I am a GOOD judge of that. I am AWFUL with hair.  Get this wand.  NOW.  Do NOT go and spend upwards of 100+ bucks on some fancy schmancy one.  This one ROCKS.
  8. The look of love- I just can’t with this guy.

    The look on his face, though!  OMG.  SOOO lucky.  I have been feeling incredibly blessed lately. Thank you thank you thank you to those who KNOW I am thankful 🙂  Truly.  Between that guy, my babies, their awesome Dad, my family, our extended families, and all of our collective health, I could not feel more thankful.  Thanks for letting me share!


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