John/Jess’ Crappy 10K Race (AKA Run, Puke, Repeat)

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Hello hello! I come to you REFRESHED as my awesome guy allowed me to sleep away the morning while he put himself on kiddo duty (swoon).  But, earlier this morning?  I was BANGED UP!  So…The Philly 10K.  This year was the third annual one and I had been wanting to run it since its inception however I never bit the bullet and signed up; summers can get super busy and at least this season it just completely slipped my mind.  So.  When I returned from the beach after (almost two weeks) I decided I REALLY wanted to run it and that I could use it as a great training run for the upcoming RNR Half in mid-September.  I ended up grabbing a bib off of someone (I know, sometimes frowned upon) and went to the bib pick up party yesterday.  Thanks, so much, JOHN!


The “John” on the bib was bothering me so I gave it a patch!  🙂 

All went well and I was stoked to run.  Super stoked.  I did have a bit of trouble feeding and hydrating yesterday though.  We were out and about almost all day so between the heat and activity I just didn’t do enough of a good job with that nutrition portion :/  I also slept like poop last night.  And, because I decided on Friday to run, I only took off Saturday and my legs were FAR from fresh due to a BRICK workout Friday pre-deciding on racing today.  My brick workout was 7 miles with a half hour Elliptical cross training and 10 minutes of core strength.  So yea, that does not make for fresh legs.  I was also coming off two super high mileage weeks (42, then 27 this week) and felt flat.  OK, yea, it sounds like I am setting up for a crappy race review.  I am 🙂  Here is the ugly mile breakdown:

(Max pace 6:31 WOAH and Average pace 8:39 BOO)


Bueller, Bueller?  It seemed like forever. Always does.

mile 1- 7:24.  Lady.  You are NOT an elite runner.

mile 2- 8:02.  Still trucking like a rockstar….

mile 3- 9:11 (puke stop 1) Slowed down for some water.  Ripped my visor off. Took one sip and had to pull over to empty my stomach.  Yuck.  Not going to lie, the whole cheesesteak area stench wasn’t helpful.

mile 4- 9:23 (puke stop 2)  Another awesome pullover, this time near some rank dumpsters, to dry heave.  Fun times.

mile 5- 8:49. Pull it together, Lady.  Tune in.  Zone out.  Get it done.

mile 6- 8:42.  Um yea so the whole “sun in my eyes the entire last mile kinda sucked.”  And holy crap it was HOT.

Final chip time: 54:18

Lessons learned:  I am NOT a 7 mile pace runner.  I shouldn’t try to be.  Positive splits hurt me this time.  Learn to hydrate/feed better.  Try to have maximum fresh legs.  Let’s be honest too; it was HOT.  Like super hot and (woah) humid.  When I walked out my door to head on foot to the race (it was blocks from my house!! Convenient!!) I was SHOCKED at how hot it already was!

On a high note though, eye spy with my little eye…


A glimpse of some abs!  

Yay!  Core work is working!  OK, so on a final and serious note, I am SO thankful to have been able to race today and to have such an amazing support team (for everything, not just running).  OK…no more cheese.  I promise 😉


With my gorgeous sissy at the finish!  Her man rocked the race (his first 10K)!


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