Racing with my mind AND body

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Excuse the tardiness of the post.  My/Our life is so insane I legitimately cannot make this stuff up.  But the funny/amazing thing is that I/we have NEVER been happier, and continue to be.  We have learned over the past month that our health is THE most precious thing and it can be taken in an instance.  It is all about recovering from the bumps in the road and sticking together as a TEAM!  OK, so here is the long-awaited post-race post!!!!


I am so happy.  I had one goal for this morning’s race and I CRUSHED it.  My goal was to be able to function after 13.1  Literally.  I am tired of feeling like absolute ass after a race and it putting me out of commission for the remainder of the day.  And I know exactly why that happened, I’ve analyzed the hell out of it for my own betterment because if I didn’t get that under control, my racing life would be far shorter than I desired.  (written Sunday evening)…

Now after even further reflection, I will tell you what I did RIGHT to make this race ROCK!

  1.  Drank 2 litres of water the day before and was mindful of my water intake the week prior
  2. Got up a bit earlier to chill a bit before the race, watch the elites and get into my groove (rather than running into my corral, 10 minutes late to the starting line- this is a reason I went out so fast usually as well)
  3. I went out SMART.  Like JOGGING smart.  I REFUSED to do to myself what I did in the Philly 10k (of out with two 7-minute miles and then hit the wall HARD in the form of puke-age and and exhaustion).  Ummmm can we laugh about the fact that even though I got to the start line super early I STILL forgot to turn my GPS on (Garmin) so I was STILL doing the “hold your arm in the air thing” for a while before I crossed the start.  Kinda funny.                                                                    img_2872
  4. I fueled like I do when I am training, which although it seems couter-intuitive, meant eating NOTHING pre-race.  I NEVER eat before running really, and I think in past races I thought I “should” because everyone else did, but I think it actually made me sick as my stomach just isn’t used to it.  I ALWAYS have a cup of coffee and then I run.  MY body just functions better with NO food for the first hour of physical activity.  When I am training, I normally eat a light breakfast bar (my favorites are the Nature Valley almond butter biscuits) either immediately following my daily 6-miler or if I am particularly hungry, I will eat a few bites while running.  So, for the race I packed one of those in my belt and actually did not end up eating it until I was an hour through the awesome Guster concert after!
  5. BELT! I went back to wearing a fuel belt. It took about a mile to get used to but having two bottles of water on me was AMAZING and I KNOW it contributed to my success.  Being able to grab water and sip whenever was AWESOME. AND get this, I decided to flip the belt around so the bottles were on my back side.  The middle pocket held my ID, almond butter biscuit and my phone (for tunes).  WELL, I often get major lower back pain while running (and in life in general; I have a larger chest and lean over to breastfeed a lot, etc.) but the middle part of the belt pressed SUPER hard against the top of my sacrum throughout the whole race and it felt SOOOO GOOD!  Every time I needed a recharge I would arch my back a bit and let my phone press into my lower back for relief!  Sounds strange but it was a pleasant surprise!!

FINAL STATS- Ave 8:54, FINISH in 1:56. THRILLED with my placements!

So, let’s be honest too; knowing that my WHOLE cheer squad would be there at the end with me was an ENORMOUS plus for me and helped me be successful for sure.  These guys below are my EVERYTHING.  Pictured are:  My kids’ Daddy (who is one of my BEST friends, and to whom I am forever thankful), my three beautiful kiddos and my Love.  Great things have happened for us, primarily today…I promise I will be filling you all in a bit more soon (I get many questions daily, understandably).


Anyway, I can’t believe I was able to rock through the hour and a half Guster show after.  I mean, like jumping around like a mad woman 🙂  The boys kinda loved the tunes too…

Oh, and everyone has been taking turns trying on mama’s medal!  I am SOOOOO happy with this race and feel SOOOO lucky to have been able to complete it successfully.  And yes, I am already looking for a bib for the November half…LOL!

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