Virtual Coffee Date

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Hello there! I have seen other bloggers do this so, I thought I would jump on the train!

So.  If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you that life has been absolutely NUTS.  Like legit nuts; from everything with poor Scott’s health, to starting a new job, to SO many school holidays in October!  Anyone else have the same things with their child’s school?  Needless to say with the extra time on our hands, mama has had to get creative!  We made structures with toothpicks and spice drops after reading Iggy Peck, Architect (obsessed with this book).

We went to music classes

Lots of crafting…


And a little bit of practice…  (Zachary LOVES this Nexo Knights activity book and it is great for his development)



I would tell you that we had the most lovely Rosh Hashanah holiday celebration at our home.  We feasted in anticipation of a sweet new year!

I would tell you that I am so proud of the friendship that the boys’ dad and I have worked hard to attain and maintain.  I had a great time bringing Z and G to his baseball game last weekend.  The weather was perfect and my handstands on point.

I would tell you that it seems that there are a LOT of 4-year old birthday parties this lately! We have been having a blast attending one (sometimes even two!) each weekend!  Seriously.  SUPER fun!

And finally, I would fill you in on this guy…

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 7.28.14 PM.png

Things are (finally) getting better, as opposed to getting worse.  Really.  For a while it seemed like EVERYthing that could go wrong did.  Scott has been a total trooper and tries so hard (too hard) to help when he shouldn’t.  Ahem… Anyway, I hope you enjoyed our coffee date!  If you would chime in on what you would tell me, I would love it!


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