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Hello everyone!  So we are finally on the mend over here (part two of Scott’s story coming soon) and therefore things are returning to (relative) normal.  Normal over here means some SUPER organizing!  I LOVE to organize in general, especially at the change of seasons.  I also utilize organizing as a way to relieve stress in times where I feel out of control…i.e. during Scott’s whole medical shebang.  I am SUPER excited to share with you some of my favorite new organizing tools!  Below (click for blog love!):  Chalkboard labels, Command hanging strips, colored pens and bins (This set of 5-50 quart bins is everything!).

First up was our entrance area.  I had a shoe bin that we outgrew quickly which made the area a disaster!


Totally obsessed with our new charcoal grey tufted shoe bench that I got from AMAZON!  LOVE this.  It is better than any other I have had from Wayfair, etc.


The new shoe bin is a sweet galvanized tin that is super large and perfect!  The basket to its right holds outdoor toys (bubbles, baseball gloves, chalk, etc.).  I got the mail organizing baskets on Amazon as well and we LOVE them.  We are very happy with the results!

I also took a stab at the boys’ toy bins.  They were killing me. SO disorganized.  I also think that the labels are really important for literacy development and as you know, part of the boys’ chores are returning their toys to their proper place, so this takes it to the next level!


We have this toy bin system (totally obsessed and we have one in the boys’ bedroom also, less than $50!)  Next up was the desk area.  Now that the boys are in school I HAD to organize this area. I added chalkboard labels to this 3-drawer plastic organizer that I already had and purchased the below cork/chalkboard combo at Target.  The Target one is long gone but I found the same one on Amazon!

I LOVE this super cute basket I added on for even more organization!


Only 8 bucks!

OOOOOK, so there you have it- our latest organization ideas put to use!  Please, tell me how YOU organize!  I know…I am SUCH a (TYPE A) nerd!


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