Breastfeeding a Terrible Two-er

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Don’t let this happy face fool you!  This was minutes post nuclear melt down

Hello hello.  Forewarning: if you are not interested in either extended breastfeeding OR the terrible twos, come back tomorrow for a different topic.  But, this is MY space, my blog and I need to write posts like this every now and again.  It actually helps me a lot to write about these things, so thank you for reading!  OK, now…as you all know, I am an “extended breastfeeder” and was such with Zachary.  In fact, he continued to nurse (“mama BEEEE”) until I was 20 weeks pregnant with his brother Gabriel an I am convinced that if my hormones didn’t make it taste so yucky, he would STILL be breast-feeding. What an image, eh?


This guy has been SUCH a good big brother!

Anyway, I get TONS on snide remarks, side eye and the like regarding my “extended breast feeding” from people who don’t know me to people as close to me as my own Mother.  But you know what? IT IS MY CHOICE. MY BODY. MY BABY. MY CHOICE.  And anyone who thinks that I am “extended breastfeeding” for the novelty of it has NOOOO clue of the actual truth, nor is it anyone’s business, but since this is a public blog, I will go ahead and fill you in.   I continue to breast feed G because he loves it.  It is hard as shit on me and my body at this point, and he is VERY strong willed and wants what he wants when he wants, which makes staying and home with him AND still nursing that much harder.  If it were up to him, he would nurse all day every day.  Legit.  And it is HARD.  Like so hard.  What am I going to do?  Keep telling him no?!  Trust me, I try everything:  I distract, I give other beverages or snacks, I barter (one more Geeky—that’s what he calls it), you NAME it.  Anyway, the point is, the combination of a nursing lover PLUS an early terrible two-er (more on that in a bit) is CHALLENGING!

OK, not looking for head pats (although they help), just a forum in which to express myself.  It is hard because Gabriel doesn’t have a self soothing method like the other boys do.  C sucks his thumb and Z sucks his fingers.  I took the paci from G at 5 months, and while it seemed like a triumph at the time, some days I totally regret doing that.  I AM his comfort.  And it is hard on both of us.  Especially of late.  My sweet child is a TANTRUM-er!  I think we narrowly avoided this with Zach (or maybe my mind has blocked it out?) but with G, his twos are FULL ON and he is only 22 months!  Ahhhh sweet G.  He learns TONS of amazing stuff from his older brothers….other stuff, not so much…  He will literally throw a half hour tantrum (like conveniently during Zach’s school field trip today) for NO apparent reason and then minutes later after said tantrum, this…


I think he is having a REALLY hard time with his communication.  Every since he started being able to communicate a BIT (he strings together two words at a time usually) I feel like his tantrums have actually gotten WORSE because he knows he CAN communicate SOME things.  Just not EVERYTHING and BOY does that make him SO stubborn and unhappy.  Poor little guy 😦  And honestly, poor mama.  I feel so badly for him!  So, there we have it: the current state of G. I know it is just a phase, and thankfully he is SO CUTE!  Enjoy this beautiful weekend!  We have super fun things planned and our C-baby comes back today!  Yippeeeeee!

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