Top ten gifts for Runners!

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‘Tis the season, right!?  It is ALMOST December, and let’s be honest, taking a bit of time away after all of the turkey day festivities to shop isn’t TOOOO bad, so, I come to you with the best running gifts for runners!  As always, thanks for the blog love!screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-11-21-10-am

  1. TIGER TAIL! ($29.95)-  Guys, I don’t always stretch, but when I do I use the Tiger Tail.  Truly.  This is the best (that I have found) muscle roller/stretcher and would be suitable for ANY runner or work-outer.  AND it is less than $30! Fits well in the stocking too…Just saying’!         screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-11-14-52-am
  2. Personalized Medal Holder-
  3. A pair of Newtons– DUH!  Getting a running buddy hooked on this brand is THE best thing you can do for him or her!                                            IMG_0135
  4. Super Socks ($9.99)- I LOVE these socks.  They have awesome inspirational sayings on them like “She believed she could so she did.”  I also like the “bad ass” ones 😉  There are SO many different colors and sayings that any runner (or non-runner) would LOVE!                               screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-3-51-56-pm
  5. “C is for Chafing” ($11.99)- I do NOT have this book but NEED it. I found it in my research and it looks AWESOME!  From AmazonWhether you’re a child, a child at heart, or just childish, you’ll enjoy “C is for Chafing”–a kid-friendly running book that covers the good (E is for Endorphins) the bad (B is for Blister), and the ugly (O is for “Oh, No…”).  HYSTERICAL!                                                                          screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-3-53-42-pm
  6. Yurbuds Earphones (prices vary)- These are by far THE best earbuds I have EVER worn.  I have used them for over five years now, finding them first (before their popularity) at a race Expo.  They have different sized buds that come with the pair that are guaranteed to fit any runner.  And they DO NOT come out.  I swear.
  7. This shirt-   You can get in tank, Mens or Woman’s and I LOVE mine. “I run because punching people is frowned upon. SOOO true 🙂  Any runner is sure to agree or at least get a kick out of this one!                                         fullsizerender
  8. My favorite Cross-Trainer:  I know, I’ve shilled this baby before but I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this In-Motion strider.  And now it is less thank $85!  I have been using it almost daily for a bit during the boys’ naps to loosen my legs.  I can turn up the resistance to get a little muscular action in.  It stores super easily and is tiny but packs a big punch!                                  Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.14.19 PM
  9. Road ID- I just came across mine in my running bin the other day and realized I have NOT been wearing it as I should.  Hell, the other day when I took a major spill, things could’ve been worse, and without my Road ID, I never would have been identified.  This is an essential gift and I can’t stress enough how important it is for anyone who trains or does any sort of outdoor activity.
  10. The Flip Belt- I only wear belts when doing races, but I think it is super important for any runner to invest in one that works for THEM. I have found that the best running belt for any runner can be individual to the runner, but the Flip Belt is by far the most versatile one Ive tried and had success with. I HATE the flopping around that other belts can produce, so when I tried the flip belt and it DID NOT flap around or weigh me down, I knew it was the belt for me!  It hold my phone comfortably and allows the headphones to hang out so I can still use them.  It also hold my fuel (I am usually a shot Blok girl), a piece of gum, and my ROAD ID.                         Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.39.14 AM


The (Dirty) Truth about my Hair

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Post bi-weekly blow out

Hellooooo!  Believe it or not, I receive a TON of questions about my hair both IRL and via social media, so this post is devoted to the good, bad and ugly of my hair.  I say “believe it or not” because I have never really been a huge fan of my own hair.  I have good natural color and don’t need to have it colored but it is SUUUPER curly naturally and I like it straight with a beach wave to it rather than a “holy crap you look like a poodle” curl.  This post could also be titled “the ridiculously priced hair tool that I bought and unabashedly LOVE.”  Now, let me lay some facts out for you as well as some lovely affiliate links for some blog love if you wanna jump on my hair train:

  1.  I have the best “hair guy” ever. His name is Rich from Tundella Salon at 2nd and Chestnut. If you wanna try him out, I can hook you up.  I see him for a blow out about twice a month (So, that is where the dirty part comes in lol), and the other two times I wash my hair myself.  The blow outs cost only $35, by the way.img_1966
  2. I know, I do run between 35 and 40 miles a week. That is a LOT of sweat.  BUT I only wash my hair once a week as I stated before (sometimes even once every 8, or 9 days!).  Now here is the thing- I don’t color my hair, so I have to be SUPER careful when my hair starts looking dirty (usually about 4-5 days after I’ve washed it because I luckily have super dry hair, another reason I only wash once a week at most) or else it turns my naturally blonde head dark!  So, what I use is THE BEST dry shampoo on the market.  And trust me, I KNOW!  I did YEARS of research!  This Rene Furterer dry shampoo is THE BEST.  Get it now. You will NOT be disappointed.  It is a bit pricey but BEYOND worth it.  I promise.
  3. LONG LONG LONG- I keep my hair as long as possible as I truly think it is way easier to care for when it is long.  I also know somebody who really loves long hair 😉


    I swear, I don’t need to poop- this is my attempt at getting my new bodysuit and hair in the same picture…

  4. My magic tool.  Referred to above as a ridiculously priced tool, this Beach Waver Pro has LITERALLY changed my hair life.  It basically curls the hair itself with a mechanized curling aspect that creates perfect curls every time.  I am NOT joking about it. I LOOOOOVE this tool solo much that I use it for fun.  Seriously.  And I can curl my hair in 5 minutes flat, but the best part about the BWP is that it stays.  LIKE forever.  Through workouts, sleep and more!  Really!  Try it! You will thank me later! Try to ignore the $189 price tag though…                         img_5450
  5. How do I go from workout to momming?  So, the most important part about working out and trying to maintain my hair is putting it in a tight low ponytail pre-workout.  I also pin my bangs back.  Then, when I am done my run, I unpin my bangs and keep the rest in a ponytail while I dry the bangs.  Around day 6 or 7, if I am not going to wash ALL of my hair for a day or two, I will sometimes shampoo just my bangs for a freshen-up!  Then I take the rest of the hair out of the ponytail and usually just the part of the ponytail that was wrapped in the band is on the wet side.  So, I aim the blowdryer at that area (ummm I think it is actually called the “kitchen”)  and pull down on the rest of my dry (still curled if I used my BWP) hair while drying those wet roots.  One thing: I NEVER use a brush when drying or re-blowdrying.  I always use my fingers/hands to make the hair do what I want it to do.  Typically the roots of my hair get sweaty so I pull the hair down to make it straight then aim the dryer onto the roots until they are dry.  Make sense? It takes about 5 min.
  6. So, the answer to “what do you do with your hair?” Is…I let it get really dirty. Oh, and then I use an almost 200 dollar styling tool.  Ahhhh priorities 🙂 Tell me- what are you hair hacks and tricks?!

Could Not Be More Thankful

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Guys.  It is so good, and it keeps getting better.  I feel like I could NOT be more thankful for everything I/we have, the utmost importance being HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND LOVE.  I feel rich in all three areas and whatever I did to deserve this, I vow to continue to do.  I will share my love and happiness in an effort of gratitude.  I am thankful for so many things, including my AMAZING (modern) family that is not limited to my Love, my 3 babies, my partner in co-parenting (and best friend), and my immediate and not-so-immediate family and friends.

God is Good.  Thank YOU!

My Latest Running Report Card: Not So Good

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Hello hello!  I wanted to check in with an update on my running life!  I am SOOO excited to be in the running for a Newton Ambassadorship.  Ya’ll KNOW how much I love my Newtons and that I will not run in any other shoe 😉  Can’t wait to hear when they announce the new team in mid-December! Anyway, as awesome as this is, I have NOT been pleased with myself as a runner.  First off, I feel a tweak in my knee and I don’t like it.  Not one bit. I always said that I would NEVER run a marathon for fear of what it would do to my body.  Well, now my knee…hoping it is just because I am over-training and ran far too many miles in my old sneakers.  This has since been fixed (the sneaker situation) but I am concerned it has cause more permanent damage.  Anyway, hoping that clears up soon.  Now, moving on to some self criticism.  Let’s not parse words:  my running SUCKS lately.  I am doing a horrible job at training intelligently and it is ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. I am SO disappointed with myself.  While I am running more miles than ever (about 40 a week), I am simply not running smart. I have had NO plan and just fly by the seat of my pants.  Maybe that will work for someone who is interested in a shorter running career, but not me.  I am not happy with myself so I am writing this post and holding myself accountable. Here is the truth: I literally run with NO plan.


Beautiful waterfront view from the Jersey side of the bridge


  1.  I have had dead legs a lot.  Not during a run as much as after. They just feel sore and like I need a massage.
  2. NO plan- I will literally just hop on the treadmill and run.  In the middle of my run I will decide how many I will be running that day.  While I run 6 daily on average, my total for the day could be 7, 8, 5 etc.  NO PLAN = NO GOOD
  3. Not nearly enough stretching.  I HAVE to get my tiger tail out. Anyone else stretch with this baby?
  4. Not enough cross training- it is SO hard because I REALLY feel like my “sport” is running and it is what makes me feel mentally and physically happy and good, but I KNOW that I need to cross trains.  No ifs ands or butts.

Now, with all things, we have to look at the positives as well…

Positive things:

  1. I have begun running with the treadmill on a slight (.5-1%) incline
  2. I feel good for MOST of my miles
  3. Trying to stretch more
  4. Taking my run outside at least once a week, sometimes even with the added training of the jogging stroller

This epic jump shot occurred minutes before taking a HUGE fall

Ha! So I had actually begun this post at the end of last week and then over the weekend something SUPER annoying happened on one of my runs:  I BIFFED!  Like big time slammed the pavement, fell!  I have NEVER fallen running.  Really.  I guess there is a first time for everything and this SUUUUCKED because I fell HARD!  Like ripped my sneaker hard!


It was bad, guys.  Like teens on bikes approaching asking if I needed help, bad.  In case you are wondering what happened, my headphones wouldn’t work all of the sudden so I pulled them out of my phone and starting blowing into the jack and…BOOM!  It must’ve been quite the scene…Anyway, I limp/ran the 3 miles home where my love treated my wounds and I am STILL sore!  Oy.  ANYWAY, that was a RUDE awakening that I NEED to treat my body and myself better.  I NEED to run WITH A PLAN or I will NOT have the running career that I desire both in length, joy and non-injury.  I vow to do better next month and I hope you hold me to it!

Crap! I’m hosting Thanksgiving and need decor for cheap in time!

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ETA:  pics added at end!  I finally got rolling. 

Right?!  Nice title, eh?  Look, I will warn you: I DO NOT consider myself a lifestyle blogger, (nor running blogger or mommy blogger) more of a RANDOM blogger.  But literally, like yesterday, it sunk in that “Crap! I’m hosting Thanksgiving (for 20 people!) and need decor (for cheap) in time!”  And somehow  (HELLO, AMAZON, PRIME?! Duh.) I managed it and wanted to share.  Ball Jars- These are amazing to own as a set (I have a dozen and a half) for soooo many purposes not just Thanksgiving-related (think: flower arrangements, centerpieces, etc.).  In this case: decorative beverage holders (some call them glasses lol)! I got mine at Ac Moore for only a buck each but you can get them from Amazon for if you wanna do what I would’ve done had I not already been at Ac Moore 😉  Buy some Twine (jute) for only $5.57 and tie it around the jar in a simple bow or wrap it several times and secure with tacky craft glue ($2.98) for a different look.  I am also adding (already own) chalkboard labels so people can write their names to allay confusion (and because it’s cute).   You guys know I love a good chalkboard label…Nerd.


Now, for your table…on a whim I decided to use wholesale raw burlap as a table cover.  I got it from Home Depot for only $6.57 for an 80×80 inch piece!  But, if you are a procrastinator like me you can get a cheap linen tablecloth (burlap ones are SUPER expensive) on Amazon for less than $10.  Then I bought these disposable placemats (such an awesome new concept to me!  I’m not into cloth ones as I dislike ironing) that I can’t seem to find online but I LOVE these disposable linen ones!! from Amazon (10 for $10.41).  Getting them.  I am ALL about ease.  My mom gets me these AMAZING square plastic plates for when I “entertain” so I will be using those again too.  They are plastic, square and don’t feel like throw-away but are!  We have matching smaller ones too for appetizers and dessert.  I think she gets them from a wholesale club, but I’m not sure.



I LOVE this sweet little centerpiece idea…haven’t decided if I will do.  It depends on time… I am doing a buffet, so for silverware holders, I will just use extra mason jars with twine wrapped around and a chalkboard label stating its contents.  Im sorry I don’t have pictures of my own. The honest truth is that I should have this stuff done but am procrastinating!  LOL!  At least I have all of my supplies though 🙂

So, tell me! Are you hosting Tgving this year?  Or visiting?

As always, thanks for the blog love!

Cruise Director

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I have decided that THIS should be my job title 🙂  Seriously though!?  How many moms out there feel like they are the cruise director?!  Mommyyyyyy what is for diiiiinner?!  Mommyyyyyyy what are we doing next?  Jeeeeeeessssss are the dishes clean?!  LOL.  Well, I am here today to fill you in on what the cruise director had planned for the past couple weeks of fun!

The boys had their last soccer shots sessions and were amazing (obviously lol). Below they are “talking strategy” and showing off their awesome certificates!

I took the boys to the Please Touch Museum on Veterans day and it was BEYOND fun!  I was so excited to take C because he had never been but had heard Zach’s endless accounts of “shooting rockets.”  Needless to say he (and we) had an amazing time and thank G-d my parents joined because it was me on three for a bit in the beginning and boy was it challenging!  It was SOOOOO fun!!!


We were there JUST as the Bassetts ice cream exhibit opened!  Free sundaes for all!  Yummmm!

Arts and Crafts!  They boys are LOVING arts and crafts lately, ESPECIALLY these awesome paint dabbers I snagged from Amazon for cheap!  They are washable and SO fun!


Hotel night in NYC for the cruise director and her partner in crime.  Boy was THIS fun!  We barely left our room though because the terrace was to. die. for. The boys were with their other respective parents.


Yea…we kinda enjoyed.  A lot 🙂

Finally putting together the gift that “the boys got Scott for his birthday.” Still can’t decide who had the most fun…


Preparing (mentally at least) for hosting over 20 people for Thanksgiving!  I LOVE hosting so I am super stoked, but still…20?!

img_4608What about you, my fellow cruse directors?!  What have you been up to!?


Scott’s Story: Part 2

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Hello everyone!  Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weekend!  I know I left everyone hanging with Part One of Scott’s story, so I didn’t want you to wait one. second. longer.  Here is part two!


So, when we last spoke, Scott was finally sent to CAT scan at 2pm after arriving to the Jefferson ED at 10:30 that morning. The scan showed an 8cm abscess blocking his cecum (bowels). It was beyond frightening. The attending physician told us that they were awaiting consult from IR (Interventional radiology) who would surgically place a drain in the abscess so to allow it to drain. He would then be on a strong course of antibiotics via IV and then eventually PO (orally) when he returned home. We waited. And waited. The 5 o’clock our passed and it became abundantly clear that we were not going to be helped that evening. The communication was awful. I must have approached about 20 different people 20 times and asked what the hell was going on. Poor Scott was still in a very large amount of pain (only being managed with Tylenol now, as the his kidney numbers were jacked from the Torodol). It sucked.

He spent the entire night in the ED on a gurney with three towels as a pillow. They ran out of pillows. He apparently also had the TV on, as we got a pretty obnoxious bill from the cable company for it. Yes, I am serious. It is so concerning because Philadelphia is supposed to be the epicenter of excellent patient care and I would be lying to you if I told you we experienced this up to this point. We were literally relieved that we were not on a gurney in the hallway as many other patients were. Not a high bar being set…


Anyway, Scott spent a painful and restless evening in the ED on that gurney. At some point in the early hours of the morning they kindly gave him a hospital bed (which I am sure we got billed for of course LOL) but still no drainage of the abscess. I shook in fear of that abscess bursting and the love of my life becoming septic, but apparently “they were busy.” Sweet. First thing the next morning, I saw a man in a white coat that looked “important” (throw me a bone, it was a long night) with a bunch of people who I assume were residents, following him around. I approached him and embarrassingly gave him a piece of my mind. Scott calls me “Mama Bear.” He is generous 🙂 Turns out I picked the right person. It was THE head of the ED. He immediately pulled Scotts scans up on the computer and FLIPPED the F out. He could NOT believe the crappy patient care that we had received. He repeated over and over again that this was “just not right.” He ended up being our guardian angel. He made several calls, some screaming “I don’t care if you run out of beds, you put him in my OFFICE if you need to!” Boom! He booked us a room on the “VIP floor” and sent us immediately to IR where Scott was seen by 11am to have his drain surgically placed. It was brutal and I will save you the details.   He emerged with a plastic tube exiting his gut and attached to a drainage bag that could be strapped to his knee. It was incredibly painful but we went home later that day with intense discharge instructions and an at-home nurse.   Daily we would have to clean the drain, flush, empty and measure it.   It was certainly frightening and overwhelming but we powered on. Scott took all of this better than I ever could have imagined. He handled it with grace and dignity even though he surely was dealt a crappy hand. To this day, I couldn’t be prouder. At this point, there were many weeks of follow-up appointments, MRIs, false hopes of “getting the drain pulled,” the discovery of a perforation in his bowels and general crappiness… Like too much to report or dwell on because we are all just finally emerging from what had become one of the scariest times in our lives. So many things could have gone wrong. So many things did. But in the end, Scott is safe and healthy now and we are more appreciative of him then ever. Thank you to all who asked, hoped, prayed and thought of us! Like always, thanks for reading!


A much happier and healthy guy with his “very happy his dad is better” little guy- these two are just too much. Best buds. 



A Day in the Life

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Hello!  So, a lot of bloggers do “day in the life” posts and I LOVE reading them, so I thought I would do one here!  Enjoy! (or not if you think this stuff is yawns)…

Oh, and times are approximate…

8:05 I roll over in bed and wake up.  I know.  Lucky Bitch.  Boys were all with their other respective parents.  Rarely happens but…8:05.  ANYWAY…Get up, coffee, empty dishwasher, get dressed, pack diaper bag and pack for the gym.

8:40 Greet G (Z’s dad took him to school), nurse him on the couch, read emails.  Realize “CRAP I am the snack person for Zach’s school today!” (meaning, I should’ve sent snack for the class today).  Minor freak out, huge sigh of relief that I had taken the time to pack prior to G’s arrival.

9:05 We jump in the car, drive to Acme (super thankful there is a lot).  We run in like a speeding bullet and buy pineapple, pine cones (cinnamon scented, not for Zach’s snack lol), individual pretzel bags and squeeze yogurts for the class.  I give G a yogurt from the pack.  I know.  Mom of the year.

9:20 Drop snack at school

9:32 (LITERALLY) Arrive to Nest for our Professional Toddler class.  This was our first class and it is from 9:30-11 but we got there JUST in time!  It was SUPER fun.  I woke up a few weeks ago and realized we really needed to get out and do some classes!  I feel like I did SO many classes with Zach but with G not so much.  We do tons of fun activities at home (post on this coming soon) and are enrolled in a weekly music class but I am not great at attending :/ Derp!  Anyway, this 1.5 hour long class is awesome!  So glad we signed up. This is one of the reasons I love being with him at home.  Here is the description from the website:

Professional Toddlers (18 months – 2 years) 
Your toddler is really growing into herself, has blossomed into her job, and is turning into a Pro! Professional Toddlers is the place to be if you are looking to spend quality time with your little one, and her friends (while you still can). As a pre-cursor to Preschool Bound, you and your toddler will spend each week in a loosely structured 90-minute class designed to build confidence and independence in your child. Each week, your little one will bake their own snack, work on a craft, enjoy 30 minutes of movement led by one of our movement instructors, and explore new activities such as using playdoh, reading stories and assembling puzzles. While kids play, learn and grow, parents discuss the pressing topics at hand, such as potty training, language and motor development and the search for the right preschool.  Discussion topics are varied, participant focused and educator led. Local specialists in occupational therapy, sleep and nutrition will also join us throughout the Semester.

11:10 Get back in car, come home drop car off, grab stroller and head to gym.

11:30 Arrive at gym.  Run 6 miles.

12:30 Run to Target at 11 and Chestnut (1 mile) with jogging stroller because I forgot some groceries and also wanted to check out their gym gear clearance rack.   I welcome the challenge of navigating the jogger through the city streets and it strengthens my glutes 😉 Not too much luck at Target, but I scored these beauties (set of 2) for 3 bucks.  BOOM!


1:30 Arrive to Zachs’ school after walking back from Target with stroller.   We walk home and then I put the boys down for naps.

2:00 I fold laundry, put away some clothing and groceries, stretch for a while as I read emails and internet, do some work, work on a scrapbook for Z, pack diaper bag/purse for our later outing. Oh, and watch The Talk while I eat lunch. I really like that show!

4:00 I hear the boys so I go get them.  Nice nap!  I pack them into the car and give them a snack (strawberry cereal bar) while I drive to the eye glasses store for Zach.  He NEEDS a spare pair of glasses and his currents just broke.  Sweet.

4:30 For Eyes Time! We also meet up with S because there handling G in the eye glasses store while trying to help Zach pick out and be fitted for glasses is…well, you can imagine!  lol.


Can you EVEN with how cute?! LOVE.

5:10 We pick up our third Musketeer! They do their funny “reunited and it feels so good” dance.  We all load into the car and head back home for a “special project.” Everyone is stoked!

5:40 Settled at home, the special project commences!  Needless to say, the boys had an ABSOLUTE blast! They put together the NYY Lego set that they bought S for his birthday.  Sooo fun to watch and listen to!


I prep our dinner (Crispy chicken, mashed potatoes and collards via Blue Apron).  I roll my feet at the same time- great multitasking, right!?


I make cheeseburgers for the boys.  I just use ground beef, form patties and generously (garlic)salt and pepper both sides.  I fry them on the stovetop.


I trip on a Lego.  Happens at least once a day 😉

6:40 Dinner is served!


7:00 Boys watch a show

7:30 Boys go on a crazy spree (picture running around hysterically laughing and being silly, tickling and wrestling included).  Brushing teeth and books follow.


Believe it or not, the older boys get upstairs a few seconds before us and this is how we found them!  Good tooth brushers!

7:55 Book then tuck in (while I nurse G, S does book usually)

8:10 Finish dinner prep

8:20 Collapse on couch, watching World Series with my guy while blogging 🙂  I will for sure be sleeping by 9 (maybe 9:15 tonight because I slept late? LOL). Good night!