A Day in the Life

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Hello!  So, a lot of bloggers do “day in the life” posts and I LOVE reading them, so I thought I would do one here!  Enjoy! (or not if you think this stuff is yawns)…

Oh, and times are approximate…

8:05 I roll over in bed and wake up.  I know.  Lucky Bitch.  Boys were all with their other respective parents.  Rarely happens but…8:05.  ANYWAY…Get up, coffee, empty dishwasher, get dressed, pack diaper bag and pack for the gym.

8:40 Greet G (Z’s dad took him to school), nurse him on the couch, read emails.  Realize “CRAP I am the snack person for Zach’s school today!” (meaning, I should’ve sent snack for the class today).  Minor freak out, huge sigh of relief that I had taken the time to pack prior to G’s arrival.

9:05 We jump in the car, drive to Acme (super thankful there is a lot).  We run in like a speeding bullet and buy pineapple, pine cones (cinnamon scented, not for Zach’s snack lol), individual pretzel bags and squeeze yogurts for the class.  I give G a yogurt from the pack.  I know.  Mom of the year.

9:20 Drop snack at school

9:32 (LITERALLY) Arrive to Nest for our Professional Toddler class.  This was our first class and it is from 9:30-11 but we got there JUST in time!  It was SUPER fun.  I woke up a few weeks ago and realized we really needed to get out and do some classes!  I feel like I did SO many classes with Zach but with G not so much.  We do tons of fun activities at home (post on this coming soon) and are enrolled in a weekly music class but I am not great at attending :/ Derp!  Anyway, this 1.5 hour long class is awesome!  So glad we signed up. This is one of the reasons I love being with him at home.  Here is the description from the website:

Professional Toddlers (18 months – 2 years) 
Your toddler is really growing into herself, has blossomed into her job, and is turning into a Pro! Professional Toddlers is the place to be if you are looking to spend quality time with your little one, and her friends (while you still can). As a pre-cursor to Preschool Bound, you and your toddler will spend each week in a loosely structured 90-minute class designed to build confidence and independence in your child. Each week, your little one will bake their own snack, work on a craft, enjoy 30 minutes of movement led by one of our movement instructors, and explore new activities such as using playdoh, reading stories and assembling puzzles. While kids play, learn and grow, parents discuss the pressing topics at hand, such as potty training, language and motor development and the search for the right preschool.  Discussion topics are varied, participant focused and educator led. Local specialists in occupational therapy, sleep and nutrition will also join us throughout the Semester.

11:10 Get back in car, come home drop car off, grab stroller and head to gym.

11:30 Arrive at gym.  Run 6 miles.

12:30 Run to Target at 11 and Chestnut (1 mile) with jogging stroller because I forgot some groceries and also wanted to check out their gym gear clearance rack.   I welcome the challenge of navigating the jogger through the city streets and it strengthens my glutes 😉 Not too much luck at Target, but I scored these beauties (set of 2) for 3 bucks.  BOOM!


1:30 Arrive to Zachs’ school after walking back from Target with stroller.   We walk home and then I put the boys down for naps.

2:00 I fold laundry, put away some clothing and groceries, stretch for a while as I read emails and internet, do some work, work on a scrapbook for Z, pack diaper bag/purse for our later outing. Oh, and watch The Talk while I eat lunch. I really like that show!

4:00 I hear the boys so I go get them.  Nice nap!  I pack them into the car and give them a snack (strawberry cereal bar) while I drive to the eye glasses store for Zach.  He NEEDS a spare pair of glasses and his currents just broke.  Sweet.

4:30 For Eyes Time! We also meet up with S because there handling G in the eye glasses store while trying to help Zach pick out and be fitted for glasses is…well, you can imagine!  lol.


Can you EVEN with how cute?! LOVE.

5:10 We pick up our third Musketeer! They do their funny “reunited and it feels so good” dance.  We all load into the car and head back home for a “special project.” Everyone is stoked!

5:40 Settled at home, the special project commences!  Needless to say, the boys had an ABSOLUTE blast! They put together the NYY Lego set that they bought S for his birthday.  Sooo fun to watch and listen to!


I prep our dinner (Crispy chicken, mashed potatoes and collards via Blue Apron).  I roll my feet at the same time- great multitasking, right!?


I make cheeseburgers for the boys.  I just use ground beef, form patties and generously (garlic)salt and pepper both sides.  I fry them on the stovetop.


I trip on a Lego.  Happens at least once a day 😉

6:40 Dinner is served!


7:00 Boys watch a show

7:30 Boys go on a crazy spree (picture running around hysterically laughing and being silly, tickling and wrestling included).  Brushing teeth and books follow.


Believe it or not, the older boys get upstairs a few seconds before us and this is how we found them!  Good tooth brushers!

7:55 Book then tuck in (while I nurse G, S does book usually)

8:10 Finish dinner prep

8:20 Collapse on couch, watching World Series with my guy while blogging 🙂  I will for sure be sleeping by 9 (maybe 9:15 tonight because I slept late? LOL). Good night!








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