Cruise Director

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I have decided that THIS should be my job title 🙂  Seriously though!?  How many moms out there feel like they are the cruise director?!  Mommyyyyyy what is for diiiiinner?!  Mommyyyyyyy what are we doing next?  Jeeeeeeessssss are the dishes clean?!  LOL.  Well, I am here today to fill you in on what the cruise director had planned for the past couple weeks of fun!

The boys had their last soccer shots sessions and were amazing (obviously lol). Below they are “talking strategy” and showing off their awesome certificates!

I took the boys to the Please Touch Museum on Veterans day and it was BEYOND fun!  I was so excited to take C because he had never been but had heard Zach’s endless accounts of “shooting rockets.”  Needless to say he (and we) had an amazing time and thank G-d my parents joined because it was me on three for a bit in the beginning and boy was it challenging!  It was SOOOOO fun!!!


We were there JUST as the Bassetts ice cream exhibit opened!  Free sundaes for all!  Yummmm!

Arts and Crafts!  They boys are LOVING arts and crafts lately, ESPECIALLY these awesome paint dabbers I snagged from Amazon for cheap!  They are washable and SO fun!


Hotel night in NYC for the cruise director and her partner in crime.  Boy was THIS fun!  We barely left our room though because the terrace was to. die. for. The boys were with their other respective parents.


Yea…we kinda enjoyed.  A lot 🙂

Finally putting together the gift that “the boys got Scott for his birthday.” Still can’t decide who had the most fun…


Preparing (mentally at least) for hosting over 20 people for Thanksgiving!  I LOVE hosting so I am super stoked, but still…20?!

img_4608What about you, my fellow cruse directors?!  What have you been up to!?


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