Crap! I’m hosting Thanksgiving and need decor for cheap in time!

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ETA:  pics added at end!  I finally got rolling. 

Right?!  Nice title, eh?  Look, I will warn you: I DO NOT consider myself a lifestyle blogger, (nor running blogger or mommy blogger) more of a RANDOM blogger.  But literally, like yesterday, it sunk in that “Crap! I’m hosting Thanksgiving (for 20 people!) and need decor (for cheap) in time!”  And somehow  (HELLO, AMAZON, PRIME?! Duh.) I managed it and wanted to share.  Ball Jars- These are amazing to own as a set (I have a dozen and a half) for soooo many purposes not just Thanksgiving-related (think: flower arrangements, centerpieces, etc.).  In this case: decorative beverage holders (some call them glasses lol)! I got mine at Ac Moore for only a buck each but you can get them from Amazon for if you wanna do what I would’ve done had I not already been at Ac Moore šŸ˜‰  Buy some Twine (jute) for only $5.57 and tie it around the jar in a simple bow or wrap it several times and secure with tacky craft glue ($2.98) for a different look.  I am also adding (already own) chalkboard labels so people can write their names to allay confusion (and because it’s cute).   You guys know I love a good chalkboard labelā€¦Nerd.


Now, for your tableā€¦on a whim I decided to use wholesale raw burlap as a table cover.  I got it from Home Depot for only $6.57 for an 80×80 inch piece!  But, if you are a procrastinator like me you can get a cheap linen tablecloth (burlap ones are SUPER expensive) on Amazon for less than $10.  Then I bought these disposable placemats (such an awesome new concept to me!  I’m not into cloth ones as I dislike ironing) that I can’t seem to find online but I LOVE these disposable linen ones!! from Amazon (10 for $10.41).  Getting them.  I am ALL about ease.  My mom gets me these AMAZING square plastic plates for when I “entertain” so I will be using those again too.  They are plastic, square and don’t feel like throw-away but are!  We have matching smaller ones too for appetizers and dessert.  I think she gets them from a wholesale club, but I’m not sure.



I LOVE this sweet little centerpiece ideaā€¦haven’t decided if I will do.  It depends on timeā€¦ I am doing a buffet, so for silverware holders, I will just use extra mason jars with twine wrapped around and a chalkboard label stating its contents.  Im sorry I don’t have pictures of my own. The honest truth is that I should have this stuff done but am procrastinating!  LOL!  At least I have all of my supplies though šŸ™‚

So, tell me! Are you hosting Tgving this year?  Or visiting?

As always, thanks for the blog love!

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