My Latest Running Report Card: Not So Good

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Hello hello!  I wanted to check in with an update on my running life!  I am SOOO excited to be in the running for a Newton Ambassadorship.  Ya’ll KNOW how much I love my Newtons and that I will not run in any other shoe 😉  Can’t wait to hear when they announce the new team in mid-December! Anyway, as awesome as this is, I have NOT been pleased with myself as a runner.  First off, I feel a tweak in my knee and I don’t like it.  Not one bit. I always said that I would NEVER run a marathon for fear of what it would do to my body.  Well, now my knee…hoping it is just because I am over-training and ran far too many miles in my old sneakers.  This has since been fixed (the sneaker situation) but I am concerned it has cause more permanent damage.  Anyway, hoping that clears up soon.  Now, moving on to some self criticism.  Let’s not parse words:  my running SUCKS lately.  I am doing a horrible job at training intelligently and it is ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. I am SO disappointed with myself.  While I am running more miles than ever (about 40 a week), I am simply not running smart. I have had NO plan and just fly by the seat of my pants.  Maybe that will work for someone who is interested in a shorter running career, but not me.  I am not happy with myself so I am writing this post and holding myself accountable. Here is the truth: I literally run with NO plan.


Beautiful waterfront view from the Jersey side of the bridge


  1.  I have had dead legs a lot.  Not during a run as much as after. They just feel sore and like I need a massage.
  2. NO plan- I will literally just hop on the treadmill and run.  In the middle of my run I will decide how many I will be running that day.  While I run 6 daily on average, my total for the day could be 7, 8, 5 etc.  NO PLAN = NO GOOD
  3. Not nearly enough stretching.  I HAVE to get my tiger tail out. Anyone else stretch with this baby?
  4. Not enough cross training- it is SO hard because I REALLY feel like my “sport” is running and it is what makes me feel mentally and physically happy and good, but I KNOW that I need to cross trains.  No ifs ands or butts.

Now, with all things, we have to look at the positives as well…

Positive things:

  1. I have begun running with the treadmill on a slight (.5-1%) incline
  2. I feel good for MOST of my miles
  3. Trying to stretch more
  4. Taking my run outside at least once a week, sometimes even with the added training of the jogging stroller

This epic jump shot occurred minutes before taking a HUGE fall

Ha! So I had actually begun this post at the end of last week and then over the weekend something SUPER annoying happened on one of my runs:  I BIFFED!  Like big time slammed the pavement, fell!  I have NEVER fallen running.  Really.  I guess there is a first time for everything and this SUUUUCKED because I fell HARD!  Like ripped my sneaker hard!


It was bad, guys.  Like teens on bikes approaching asking if I needed help, bad.  In case you are wondering what happened, my headphones wouldn’t work all of the sudden so I pulled them out of my phone and starting blowing into the jack and…BOOM!  It must’ve been quite the scene…Anyway, I limp/ran the 3 miles home where my love treated my wounds and I am STILL sore!  Oy.  ANYWAY, that was a RUDE awakening that I NEED to treat my body and myself better.  I NEED to run WITH A PLAN or I will NOT have the running career that I desire both in length, joy and non-injury.  I vow to do better next month and I hope you hold me to it!

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