The (Dirty) Truth about my Hair

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Post bi-weekly blow out

Hellooooo!  Believe it or not, I receive a TON of questions about my hair both IRL and via social media, so this post is devoted to the good, bad and ugly of my hair.  I say “believe it or not” because I have never really been a huge fan of my own hair.  I have good natural color and don’t need to have it colored but it is SUUUPER curly naturally and I like it straight with a beach wave to it rather than a “holy crap you look like a poodle” curl.  This post could also be titled “the ridiculously priced hair tool that I bought and unabashedly LOVE.”  Now, let me lay some facts out for you as well as some lovely affiliate links for some blog love if you wanna jump on my hair train:

  1.  I have the best “hair guy” ever. His name is Rich from Tundella Salon at 2nd and Chestnut. If you wanna try him out, I can hook you up.  I see him for a blow out about twice a month (So, that is where the dirty part comes in lol), and the other two times I wash my hair myself.  The blow outs cost only $35, by the way.img_1966
  2. I know, I do run between 35 and 40 miles a week. That is a LOT of sweat.  BUT I only wash my hair once a week as I stated before (sometimes even once every 8, or 9 days!).  Now here is the thing- I don’t color my hair, so I have to be SUPER careful when my hair starts looking dirty (usually about 4-5 days after I’ve washed it because I luckily have super dry hair, another reason I only wash once a week at most) or else it turns my naturally blonde head dark!  So, what I use is THE BEST dry shampoo on the market.  And trust me, I KNOW!  I did YEARS of research!  This Rene Furterer dry shampoo is THE BEST.  Get it now. You will NOT be disappointed.  It is a bit pricey but BEYOND worth it.  I promise.
  3. LONG LONG LONG- I keep my hair as long as possible as I truly think it is way easier to care for when it is long.  I also know somebody who really loves long hair 😉


    I swear, I don’t need to poop- this is my attempt at getting my new bodysuit and hair in the same picture…

  4. My magic tool.  Referred to above as a ridiculously priced tool, this Beach Waver Pro has LITERALLY changed my hair life.  It basically curls the hair itself with a mechanized curling aspect that creates perfect curls every time.  I am NOT joking about it. I LOOOOOVE this tool solo much that I use it for fun.  Seriously.  And I can curl my hair in 5 minutes flat, but the best part about the BWP is that it stays.  LIKE forever.  Through workouts, sleep and more!  Really!  Try it! You will thank me later! Try to ignore the $189 price tag though…                         img_5450
  5. How do I go from workout to momming?  So, the most important part about working out and trying to maintain my hair is putting it in a tight low ponytail pre-workout.  I also pin my bangs back.  Then, when I am done my run, I unpin my bangs and keep the rest in a ponytail while I dry the bangs.  Around day 6 or 7, if I am not going to wash ALL of my hair for a day or two, I will sometimes shampoo just my bangs for a freshen-up!  Then I take the rest of the hair out of the ponytail and usually just the part of the ponytail that was wrapped in the band is on the wet side.  So, I aim the blowdryer at that area (ummm I think it is actually called the “kitchen”)  and pull down on the rest of my dry (still curled if I used my BWP) hair while drying those wet roots.  One thing: I NEVER use a brush when drying or re-blowdrying.  I always use my fingers/hands to make the hair do what I want it to do.  Typically the roots of my hair get sweaty so I pull the hair down to make it straight then aim the dryer onto the roots until they are dry.  Make sense? It takes about 5 min.
  6. So, the answer to “what do you do with your hair?” Is…I let it get really dirty. Oh, and then I use an almost 200 dollar styling tool.  Ahhhh priorities 🙂 Tell me- what are you hair hacks and tricks?!

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