4 Year old (boy) Gift Guide!

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Argh, guys!?  Can you believe it is already December 11?!  Where.  Did. This. Year. GO!?  This afternoon when the boys wake up from their naps, we are going to Ya’ll know I love a good gift guide.  And as much as I love viewing them, I love curating them even more!  So, without further ado, here is your gift guide for your 4 year old boy!  Sorry. Trust me, I wish I and more girl experience…maybe some day?! 😉 OH, and I literally am pulling items from my Amazon account because if it can’t be “Primed,” it won’t be on time!  You’re welcome 😉

  1.  Electric powered air hockey table ($38.99)- My boys LOVE to play air hockey, so we thought it would make a fabulous appearance under our tree!  It will be joint gift for the three of them 🙂screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-2-56-45-pm
  2. Lite Brite ($24.99!)- This was actually Scott’s idea and what an amazing idea it is!  Our Zachary will LOVE this and it will for sure be a great flashback for all of us!  This baby is in and out of stock and is clearly making a comeback this year!  LOVE it.  Can’t wait to play with it myself…screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-2-58-24-pm
  3. Playdough Star Wars AT-AT Attack with Cans ($10.50)- I like a good balance of toys, art items, etc. so I was thrilled to see this sweet play dough set!  They boys will be very happy to see this under the tree and then (hopefully) to play with it all year ’round!screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-3-16-58-pm
  4. Iggy Pect, Architect and Ada Twist, Scientist- I LOVE teaching the boys (early) of the many things they can do when they “grow up.” (Please don’t happen too quickly!!)  I also love a good book or two under the tree…
  5. Marble Run- Our kids are absolutely obsessed with their marble run. So, for Christmas we are getting them an expansion pack as a joint gift.  Guys, this baby will keep your littles entertained for hours. Trust me, from prior experience.   Even the 2-year old LOVES it.  screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-3-08-02-pm
  6. Playskool Heroes Star Wars Millennium Falcon ($23.79)- OK, so we have this already, and I had to share because I have yet to meet a 3-6 year old who wasn’t completely obsessed with this play set.  Our boys STILL play with this super often!  We love it.  screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-3-12-06-pm
  7. ETI Toys Construction/Gears Set- I feel like with the whole “STEAM” push, I like to provide the littles with fun toys and games that echo this.  They will be learning a ton in school and it is always nice to support at home! We got this particular set for Zachary as he has a penchant for building anything.  Cant wait to see what he creates!screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-3-14-12-pm
  8. “Hulk Hands” ($8.97)- Another favorite in our household, these babies are wonderful for role play and the boys LOVE them.  They have them for different characters, but the Hulk ones are by far our favorite 🙂screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-3-16-31-pm
  9. Avengers Throw  ($14.22)- Our kids LOVE to snuggle…especially when there is a TV involved lol.  I love getting them their own individual throws with their favorite “theme” on them.  We have an Avenger lover, Lego lover and 2 year old.  LOL!Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 3.21.13 PM.png
  10. Comprehensive Art Set- I am being vague because I have yet to choose which one will be under our tree, but I am planning on buying one of these sets because the boys are really getting into art and I would love to have a large comprehensive art kit handy! I kinda can’t wait to use it either… lol

OK!  Well, I hope you like my list!  As always, please feel free to share your own thoughts and thanks for the blog love!  My inspiration…


With their Advent calendars (Star Wars Lego, Lego and Thomas, for reference)


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