Oh ma gerd. Make this meal now. 

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Y’all, I love a good pasta peas and ham dish. Simple, satisfying and hearty especially for winter.  So, last night when I went to put together our “signature dish” (the man looooves this meal too) I was dismayed to see that our frozen peas had gone missing. By the way, I still can’t find them. Gabriel?!? (He loves hiding things… favorite hiding Place is for sure the pull-out spice rack). Anyway, I scoured the fridge until I found something green that would suffice as a good substitution. And boy did I knock it out of the park! It took this homey dish to a delicacy level! 

Here is what you’ll need:

Pasta (I like the fresh refrigerated type as it takes a dish to another level)

Bunch of kale or collard greens, destemmed and chopped

Minced garlic 

Ham steak chopped or package diced ham 

Your favorite alfredo sauce 

1.  Ok. So, while your water is boiling for the pasta, heat some oil and garlic in a high sided pan. Add the greens and stir until fragrant and wilted, approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Then add a half a cup or so of water and continue to let wilt. Season with salt and pepper.  Set the greens aside. 

2.  While pasta cooks, Add the ham to the now empties high-sided pan and stir a bit. Add the jar of sauce and stir until combined. 

3. Add pasta little by little, continuing to stir. 

4.  Put about 1/3 cup of the reserved pasta water into the empty sauce jar. Shake to get al reminants out. Add to pan. 

5.  Stir and allow to heat through, about 3 minutes. 

6. After plating dish, add the greens to the top. 

7.  Enjoy! 

You’re welcome!  😉