15 Hanukkah and Stocking Stuffer Gifts for under $15!

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Phew!  Just when I FINALLY finished out Christmas shopping…this multi-religion family gets hit with Hanukkah! So, as you all know I love doing, I have put together my favorite Hanukkah (small gift) and stocking stuffer gift guide!  And the best part!? Everything is less than $15 and can suit ages 18m-5y!  Look, we have 3 boys, so price point is key!  Enjoy and as always?!  Thanks for the blog love! Oh, and you guys know it is all Prime-able, because would you expect any different 🙂 #selfadmittedprimeaddict

  1. Bingo Dabbers ($14.95, 12-count)-  I wax poetic about these babies constantly, so I will save you if you are a long time reader, but, do yourself and your kids a favor and get these.
  2. Melissa and Doug Suspend Family Game ($10.99)-  Fine.  You figured me out.  I want to play this game myself…screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-2-03-09-pm
  3. Model Magic (from $5)- My kids LOVE play dough, but when their teacher and babysitter turned them on to Model Magic, they found a new love!  Some of these kits come with tools to use with the model magic. It is different than play dough and MUCH neater 😉  Ya’ll know I love that.
  4. UNO! (from $5)- Guys, this might admittedly be my pick too 🙂
  5. Melissa and Doug Slice and Sort Wooden Eggs ($7.99)-  My boys love any “cutting toy” and it really does help with both gross and fine motor skills.  I love the color matching added fun and learning within this toy too. screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-2-15-44-pm
  6. Alex Spa Chalk Hair Spa ($10.59)- So, this package has a girl on it, which bothers me on several levels, the most being that my boys would LOVE to play with these.  It is super reasonable and comes with chalk hair pens, metallic beads and elastics!screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-2-16-18-pm
  7. Munchkin Bath Fun Bubble Blower ($10.18)- OK so this was on my gift guide last year and the kids received it. They LOOOOVED it and still do!  We even take it out of the bath area for outdoor bubble fun.  And who doesn’t love a machine who blows the bubbles for you!? And such a great price!screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-2-28-59-pm
  8. Melissa and Doug Activity pad (from less than $5)– There are soooo many good ones of these so the link will take you to a bunch, but two of my favorites are the scissors skill one and the 3-pack on the go water books focusing on numbers shapes and letters.screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-2-32-37-pm
  9. Crayola Melt N Mold Factory ($14.95)–  I’ve been eyeing this gift for quite some time and and super excited about it.  I LOVE showing kids how things are made.  Our kids use crayons so often and now they can mold their own with this adorable reasonable Crayola set!
  10. Disney Scuf Slippers (From &7.95)- I love getting the boys new slippers each year and you cannot beat the price of these!  I image the spidey ones will make an appearance in someone’s stocking this year… screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-2-42-37-pm
  11. 3 Great Books about Feelings (from $4.66)- We do a lot of work around feelings in our house with the kids.  I always feel like having books to support these concepts is a great thing.  Aside from the first one I linked to, I love “Mad Isn’t Bad” and “William Wobbly and the Very Bad Day.” 
  12. Melissa and Doug Magnet Set (from $7.99)-  I LOVE THIS SET (Mickey) that we have and so do the boys!  I hide them in a drawer in the kitchen so that if I am cooking and need something for the kids to do, I take them out and they play with them on the fridge. There are a bunch of super cute options at a very reasonable price point.  screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-2-51-08-pm
  13. Alex Toys Rub a Tub Shave in the tub kit ($12.95)-  My kids love this so much that I believe we are on our third set!  Need I say more!?
  14. Melissa and Doug Bead Bouquet Deluxe wooden bead set ($10.25)-  Guys, I am that mom who dissolves in tears when Zach gives me something he made for me in school.  I know.  Sap. I especially love the jewlery he makes for me and he sure loves creating it!  I love this set!screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-2-55-39-pm
  15. Small holiday Lego set-  OK, you know any gift guide from our house would not be complete without a Lego set!  Here is an adorable reindeer one I got Z for his stocking as well as a building brick menorah set!screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-3-01-05-pm

Okie dokie!  I hope you enjoyed!! I sure did 🙂  A always, please add your own!



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