Traditions of Togetherness

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I sit typing this cozy on the couch, wrapped in my robe, in front of the beautiful lit tree and the decked halls, and I cannot help but feel incredibly warm and blessed.  Our family has been through a lot and I could not be prouder with how we have ALL dealt with such changes.  We have all come out on the other side changed but incredibly blessed to have each OTHER.  I am SO thankful for my babies, their Daddy, my bonus baby and his Daddy and ALL of our extended family and friends.  Life is good.  Anyway, holiday seasons always mean a lot to me, and this year because of the aforementioned, they mean even more.  We are so excited to have developed our own traditions of togetherness for the holidays and I wanted to share some of my favorites! (Warning: photo heavy post ahead!)img_6268

  1. New Hope Ivy Railroad Polar Express– If you follow me on social media, you know that I absolutely LOVED this experience.  Like more than I could ever have imagined.  The experience was a well-oiled MAGICAL machine and kept getting better.  It really does deserve its own post, but for now, here are some pictorial highlights 🙂  It was truly beyond. As you can see they were pretty excited to get there… Well except maybe G who had no idea what was going on at first!

    The Santa was on POINT and was super nice, even obliging my request for multiple pictures as the boys’ eyes were just in some 🙂

  2. Getting our tree and putting it up!  I was QUITE impressed with the man of the house and his tree stand/lights ability!  And it was so nice to have everyone there!  We had all three boyos, 2 Daddies and me!
  3. Personal Ornaments- We thought it would be super fun to get each child their own ornament catered to their liking and guess what ?! It was SUCH a hit!
  4. Ice Skating At Winter Fest!  We did this without C 😦 unfortunately (he was with his other parent), but it is a-ok bc he informed me that he reaaaally doesn’t like ice skating.  True Story.  Anyway, if you haven’t checked out Winterfest in Philly, do it now!  It is fabulous.
  5. Advent Calendars!  We bought these babies in the beginning of November and waited with baited breath to give the boys their individual ones on December first and it has brought SOOOO much holiday fun.  I would do these again in a heartbeat!  And I love how we got each boy their own personalized ones; Z= Lego Christmas, C= Lego Star Wars and G= Thomas Trains.  Suffice it to say, they were pretty thrilled.
  6. Cookie Making!  I am being general with this one because we truly have decorated/made every single cookie you could imagine!  Ugly sweaters, gingerbread houses, reindeers, etc!


  7. John Denver’s Christmas with the Muppets.  Need I say more?!img_5866
  8. Dressing alike.  DUH! (And of course reading books)

    OK!  Well I hope you enjoyed our traditions of togetherness!  Please share your own!



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