Run-cation and January Streak! 

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Hi hi hi!  I am coming at you from the absolutely beautiful Williamstown, Massachusetts; The hometown of my love and we so look forward to our voyages up here several times a year.  In fact, I usually really look forward to my runs here as the views are fabulous, the hills are beasts but the journeys are so satisfying.  This time though, it is tooooo cold. Those of you who know me well know that I am not a good cold-weather person at all. I especially do not like to be running and freezing my patootie off. I don’t feel like it puts me in “beast mode” but rather “hate my life mode. “And I always promised myself that if I did not enjoy running I would not do it.  So, I decided that my body could use a little reset and a little vacation from running, hence my three day run-cation while we are here!  I have not taken off three days from running since before I had Gabriel (the most being 2 consecutive days) and I think my body could definitely use it especially because…I’m streaking in January!   Every year I like to do a month-long streak. In the past years I have done it through December. This year, I’m going to start the new year off right and do a January streak. The rules are simple: run every day. If it’s a mile, great if it is six, even more fabulous! But the point is, streak run every day. I’m so stoked for this run-cation it is timing itself so well to gear me up for my streak month.  Now, while I’m here in mass, i’ll be using my peddler for about an hour daily to keep my legs loose and toned. My sweetie didn’t even give me side Eye when putting it in the car 🙂 and, I have to be honest, peddling among the Berkshires is kind of fabulous!  Anyway, just let me know if you’ll be joining me on my streak! Happy run-cation and Happy running!

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