Positive choice discipline 

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I have been prepping this post for a while and now that I’ve had some quiet time, I thought I would finally finish it up!  I wanted to share a bit of how we use positive choice discipline in our home, both as a former educator and mom 😉  I am interested in hearing your thoughts too!  Please share!  OK, so in our house, if something is “not going right,” we give the boys (ALL THREE now that G is approaching age 2-gasp!) the following choices depending on the situation.  We ask if they need to take either a separation, a break, a rest or a time out.  We feel like this is a SUPER straightforward way to use choice discipline and easy for the boys’ co-parents to join in as well to be consistent.  Here are their descriptions as follows with an example for each!

1.  Take a separation- if the boys are just not meshing well, PHYSICAL separation (EX: Boys are roughhousing/wrestling and get too rough)

2.  Take a break- if the boys need a MENTAL break (EX:  one boy is taunting the other about a toy that they have and the other does not)

3. Take a rest- if over tiredness sets in (happens a lot!) and a rest is needed (EX:  After Christmas when everyone was exhausted and the whining was at an all-time high lol)

4. Take a time out- when there is a definite breaking of a rule, sometimes this is used with no choice, as in “you NEED to take a time out” (EX:  Hands or feet not kept to themselves)

So, how does it work, you ask?!  Well, as a foundation of behavior expectations in our home, we use the basics of 123 Magic with a few minor tweaks of our own to personalize with our boys.  We really like it and feel it works MOST of the time.  Now, when it does not, we resort to our “TAKE A…” choice discipline.  As you see above, based on the situation, the child is asked if they need to take a separation, a break, a rest or a time out.  It REALLY works and is SO great to have a go-t0 form of positive choice discipline that everyone is on the same page about for consistency!


Boys will be boys, but we vow to raise respectful, responsible, kind, creative and loving HUMANS!

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