Ten Hopes for the New Year

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Hi everyone!  So, I am not a resolution-type gal, but I wanted to take a chance to reflect of this past year and create a list of “hopes and dreams” for this coming year. I think 2017 is going to be a GOOD one.


  1.  Continue to be my best self by waking up each and every morning with good, kind and positive intentions to treat every person I encounter with kindness, respect and love…regardless of how I am treated.
  2. Love this guy the best I can and be open to receiving his love:)  This relationship brings me more happiness and fulfillment than I thought possible. I will continue hopefully to feel lucky every day and to not let a day go by where I do not acknowledge and express this. img_6534
  3. Continue to work of blending our families with the children’s’ best interests in mind and heart and have our home be a place filled with love, acceptance and happiness.
  4. Continue maintaining my fabulous relationship with my boys’ dad, IAN!  He is a gem and I am very lucky, so I will continue to attempt to be as good a coparent and friend/family member to him as he deserves and is to me.6393b84a-bfd9-4633-9019-c768f9be2882
  5. Run healthy and strong. I would like to remain uninjured and fit as ever in my quest to “be a runner.” This involves running smart, running strong, and continuing my love for this sport. I vow also to not let ONE mile go by with out being thankful to be able to run.
  6. Mom hard. I want to be the best mom I can possibly be to my two biologicals and one bonus baby.  I am THE luckiest mom in the world to have THREE healthy, beautiful happy boys and I could not be more thankful.74001590-31e7-4975-86a6-37b15b93d63f
  7. Be a good daughter and sister- As my parents age, I think more and more each passing day of the importance of my relationship with them.  Same goes with my sissy and even though we don’t see each other as much as we would both like, I hope to remedy this in the future and continue to grow our relationship.
  8. Grow my business, Conmigo!Conmigo - PNG.png
  9. Cut negativity out of my life.  Whether it is Facebook posts, negative self-talk or less-than-positive interactions with others, I vow to not let these things cut through the
  10. Choose Happiness.  This kinda piggy-backs on #9, but a few years ago, I made a choice to CHOOSE HAPPINESS and I haven’t looked back since.  And even more so, I’ve realized that it is OK to be happy!  It is actually pretty fabulous!img_6396

Best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy New Year! xo

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