What Day is Today!?!?

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Ahhhhh! You guys!  To say that 2017 has been a whirlwind thus far would be a SEVERE understatement!  Sorry I’ve been MIA “this year”  But, I. AM. SO. HAPPY.  2017, you have been SOOOO good to us so far (minus the absolutely insane political clusterF&%K that has been going on).  Anyway, I wanted to give you some brief updates over here on the blog in a few areas of our crazy awesome life!


Current View. Swoon.

  1.  So….this happened.  OK, so I’m starting to sound like an annoying meme because I walk around and say “every day with this guy has been a gift!” and I don’t want to loose readership but it is TRUE!  🙂 Anyway what I will say is that I am SO lucky and SO blessed.  img_7329
  2. Conmigo- My business is really picking up and I am SUPER excited about it!  I offer two classes at Lilypad in South Philadelphia, one for little ones and one for littler ones 🙂  I also am starting a private class series and have a couple more inquires in this vein.  It is soooo fun and I LOVE instructing!  Email me with questions!
  3. Babies- these guys are everything and they are SUPER excited about #1 🙂img_7375
    1. This guy turned two on the 9th!  We had an adorable party for him which was a blast but poor Scott was sick :/
    2. This guy helped Mama roll our the fondant and has also been doing a GREAT job at soccer and school!  Also…still building Legos 🙂img_7418
    3. And this guy, along with soccer, has started swim lessons , which he is AWESOME at, and is doing great in school!  Also…still loving Super Heroes 🙂img_7447
  4. Running- January Streak is still going strong, although the day after my turn with the stomach bug was a tough 2 miler squeezed out miserably 😉 Gotta do what you gotta do! I am also trying to do a TON of speed work, but have forgotten about my goal to raise the incline on the ‘mill.  Writing this in part to remind myself 🙂 I also have NOT been outside running in a while and unfortunately missed an amazing weather-window this week. Bummer.  The treadmill has been good to me though!


    OK!  That is about it for now! I will be back soon. Promise!

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