Running/Streak Update

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Argh! I wish I could give you a rainbow and sunshine update on my January streak (run every day no matter what) but TBH, it has been ROUGH this time.  I think the last time I streaked was last summer? Dunno, too lazy to search 🙂  Anyway, the streak started out really well, and then life happened.  And it was all good (mostly) but it happened SO quickly and was SUPER consuming!  January is typically a busy month for our family in general; a handful of important birthdays, school back in session, etc. and then we added the start of my new business, Conmigo, an AMAZING engagement (still glowing), and a massive home-wrecking stomach bug. Well, after listing all of those events, it DOES make sense that my streak got tough at about mid-point.


So, the good news is that I am still going strong and that I did NOT miss any days in my streak, including the day after that horrible belly bug (squeezed two shake out miles in).  The better news is that I was smart enough to get an amazing massage when things were feeling pretty crummy (my legs were just DEAD constantly after about day 15) and followed up with intense stretching daily since.   But it hasn’t been pretty for the whole time 🙂  I am SO happy to say, though, that I have been fitting in some hill work (treadmill incline workout) and good speed workouts.  Unfortunately none of my runs have been outside because I have decided to just suck it up and live with the fact that I am simply NOT a cold weather runner, and that forcing myself to do outdoor runs int he cold would only hurt my love of running.  So, about two more months to go and then my outdoor game will be back on.

Anyway, I thought that something that might rev me up for my streak and running in general is…A RACE! I have been DYING to do the Hot Chocolate Race series for a few years now. I get SUPER jealous of those runners sipping on HC and chomping on Hershey’s post run and decided that this is my year!  I will be doing the 15K and could not be more excited! I was just texting with my man about it and said that there are 4 amazing things about this race:

  1. A late start for the 15k (ya’ll know I cannot STAND getting up early, even for running!  Whatever, maybe it makes me less badass but it sure makes me happier when I get up AFTER the sun lol). Start time= 8AM!!!!!
  2. Amazing flat course that is my favorite in Philly; the loop around the River ❤
  3. 15K (9.3 miles)- I LOVE Broad Street for MANY reasons, one of the top being the distance. 10 miles is SUCH a sweet spot for me and I am THRILLED to be running the 15k! It is a new distance for me, so automatic PR, right!??!
  4. April 1st race= it can’t be THAT cold (eh, or maybe it could, but it isnt the dead of winter and see above for how I feel about that lol)screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-4-36-56-pm

Also, I really could use another piece of bling around my neck 🙂 OK, Anyway, tell me how YOUR running, fitness or life is going! xo

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