Friday Favorites (on Monday)!

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I know.  It is Monday. But with everything going on this weekend (need I remind you all?) I just couldn’t bring myself to post this as I cried big crocodile tears. But today?  Today is a new day…


SO, here are my Friday Favorites!  I am super excited to start this series as I see other bloggers participating and have seen some really cool stuff!

  1.  Lil Davinci Art Frames- OMG you guys! I saw these at my future SIL’s house and KNEW I had to have them!  My lovely mom got me three for the holidays, one for each of the boys, and I LOOOOOVE them.  These frames not only display artwork in a snap, BUT they also hold additional art work!  They are amazing!  I am sure you are like me, as a mom, unwilling to throw ANY art away that your child created, and so these frames take care of all of that!  I cannot say enough good things about them!  screen-shot-2017-01-21-at-3-16-23-pm
  2. Nashville on CMT- ummmm need I say more?  Hmmm ya know what? Add to that Quantico and Scandal, and of course Bachelor and you have my weekly TV round up right there!Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 3.31.37 PM.png
  3. My Voluspa Candle- My love scored another one of these for the holiday for me so I was STOKED to crack it open last night!  Although the price tag is a bit hefty IMHO, the smell is like none else and resonates throughout the house (hmmm is resonate the correct word when dealing with smell? lol). Anyway, do yourself a favor…screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-3-13-10-pm
  4. My RollerLash Mascara- I feel like I’ve sung the praises of this mascara on the blog before, but it deserves another shout out. I don’t really wear a lot of makeup, but typically you will find me (when outside the house) with a hint of mascara and some highly chapped lips that make it look like I’ve done something super unnatural to them (which I promise you, this needle-phobe did NOT and WILL not). This is THE best mascara that I have found thus far and I LOVE it.  It lengthens and curls a bit too!
  5. Victoria’s Secret Clearance PJS- Yea, so I might have bought just a few pairs… img_7884
  6. My new Jacket from Bloomies Outlet!  Again, another MAJOR steal, this cocoon-style jacket zips ALL the way down to my ankles and would have made a FABULOUS “recess-duty” coat, but instead I am enjoying it as my SAHM wear-everywhere jacket.  If you know me, you know I am ALWAYS cold.  This jacket is a dream!  It was originally $350, a Mark by Mark Jacobs style but I got is for less than $50!  BOOM!fullsizerender_1
  7. Adventure Aquarium with the Fam!- We went last Monday for Mema’s birthday (my mom, the boys’ grandma) on MLK holiday and it was super fun! Unfortunately, we were missing two from our clan as C was with his mom and my guy was away on business :/ BUT it was super fun!  Next time we will all go!
  8. Swim Lessons with this guy- I think I’ve mentioned it?  But it is sooo fun to go with him every other week and, and boy, is he improving!  C really is a good swimmer!  I LOVE being in the water with him; he asks me to come, and it makes him more comfortable.  We both really look forward to it!img_7850
  9. My HUE denim leggings- OK. So, I saw these in the aforementioned Bloomingdale’s outlet and really wanted them but they did not have my size, so to Amazon I went!  I LOOOVE them. THey are soft, stretchy, have pockets and elastic waistband with button.  Win-win-win all around.  I goofed and haven’t taken any pics of myself in them .  Sorry!


    Um, let it be known that I do NOT wear mine with heels, rather oversized sweaters and booties. 

  10. Just doing anything with these guys.  ❤  I know.  Cheesy but true…

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