What’s In My Bag?!

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Answer: WAY TOO MUCH!  LOL.  I LOVE when magazines like US Weekly do this and I thought it would be fun to give you a peak into my (diaper)bag.  My Longchamp holds a LOT so part of the reasoning behind this post was to organize a bit 😉  So, without further ado, here is “what’s in my bag!”


  1.  Diapers! (in a ziplock with Desitin and wipes)
  2. Snacks for the kids (applesauce and PB crackers)
  3. Snacks for me (Almond Butter biscuits)
  4. Crayons for both Conmigo and the boyos
  5. Donde Esta Spot? (for Conmigo)
  6. Spare socks for Philly Kids Gym; we go Mondays and Wednesdays for open gym so that G can run and jump around!  Try it! It only costs 10 bucks!
  7. Chuck E Cheese play passes 🙂
  8. Adventure Aquarium membership cards
  9. My FAVORITE wallet EVER; Louis Vuitton, bought in Paris when on a trip with the boys’ dad.  I LOOOOVE it and have yet to find something like it in the US.
  10. A good old ziplock with spare change for Conmigo. I like to have change for those paying with cash even though we accept credit cards too now!  I know, the ziplock is super classy 😉
  11. US Weekly magazine (from about 3 months ago because…ya know, free time lol)
  12. 3 Ninja Turtle gummies for dire need bribery (ALWAYS carry candy for emergencies… pro Mom tip!)
  13. Paper planner and pen!  oooooo I love a good planner
  14. My special “red bag.” This has become a bit of a joke in my household becuase I am always looking for my “red bag!”  While I don’t wear much makeup, any make up that I DO wear is in this bag, along with spare contacts, lens solution, spare glasses and any meds I might need.  FYI, I use THIS mascara and THIS lip stain (yes, it only costs $2).

Other things that did not make an appearance?

  • A wiffle ball to double as kid fun and runner foot rolling needs
  • Sanitizing hand wipes, because…duh
  • Hair ties and pins
  • Small board book of “Little Pookie” a favorite of ALL the boys
  • Travel size of THE BEST dry shampoo (NOT $2 LOL)

OK!  Your turn!  What is in YOUR bag?!

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