Ten Things.

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Hello there!  I am back again!  Trying this whole “consistency” thing 😉  Without further ado, here are 10 “things.”

  1. Super Into this guy.                                            IMG_2252
  2. Obsessed with my wand.  Takes like 5 minutes to curl my hair.  It is $15 bucks!  PRIME!  Get it…IMG_2285
  3. 7 Mother’s Day Miles; split (3 before brunch on treadmill and 4 outside during naps-it was glorious out!!                                                            IMG_2271
  4. Fun Fact:  I eat PB & J for lunch EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  Same bread, same Jelly (bon ma’man), same PB.  I am a woman of routine, what can I tell you. Side note:  I totally have different dinners each night lol.  But I like what I like! It is SOOOO delicious and hits the spot!                                                                 IMG_2287
  5.  Completely obsessed with my new Tom’s Majorca Cutout sandals. They are BEYOND comfortable (trust me; I have the most sensitive runner feet) and are super cute!  I totally got mine on Amazon (thanks for the blog love) no lie; because… instant gratification. 🙂                                                           IMG_2206
  6. Mother’s Day Brunch at the Please Touch Museum; Never disappoints!   IMG_2254
  7. Salad Bar Luncheon for the teacher’s at C’s school!  LOVE a good salad bar!  IMG_2079
  8. Date night at Ela.  LOVE it there!
  9. REALLY dig my new sneakers from Target!      I wanted walking/kicking around ones and these are beyond perfect.  I like to wear them without socks because they hug my feet and feel sooo good!                     IMG_2186
  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE these kiddos!  Amazing masks/capes here!IMG_2110

Hope you had a great weekend!