A Wedding Post

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Hey there!  So I realize I haven’t really shared a ton about our wedding for a variety of reasons, but I wanted to start sharing some fun details given that today is the two month mark!   <Squeal!!> I. Am. So. Excited. And. Blessed. 

The way he treats me and my boys, ensuring that each of our needs are met and supporting all of us in all aspects. We are all so grateful. 

Ok. Ok. Moving on to the wedding! We will be getting married at the historic Powel House in the Society Hill section of the city which happens to actually be a block from our home! No transportation needed 😉 Some parts will be in the garden and some inside. It is a really really neat place and just perfect for us. 

We are going with a garden brunch that has sort of become the theme (“yea perfect for garden brunch” lol). Anyway, I’ve been actually super laid-back in planning the wedding. We have a super busy life and things have been extra busy lately, so a lot of the wedding details and planning have gone to the wayside a bit. But recently, I was able to wrap up the preparations and I am super excited with what we have. I am super excited to be sharing some of it on the blog and I thought today would be the perfect day to start sharing some wedding posts because it isn’t exactly 2 months from now and the invitations went out today! Stoked.

So, our three boys will be in the wedding. Scott and I are so so excited about this. I will share later what their roles will be, but assume it will be adorable 😉 

Speaking of kiddos and adorable, I got these sweet gifts for our two flower girls…

And this ring bearer shirt for our ring bearer along with a cute puzzle that he can put together; it spells out “will you be our ringbearer?”

Ooook so, for not bringing up the wedding at all, I think I’ve given you a lot of good details for today. I will try to do at least one post per week for the next eight weeks until the big day!  Kinda excited. Tell me about your big day!

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