July Running and Re-finding my Practice

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Hello hello there!  Now that it is August (gasp!) I wanted to pop in and say “hi” and do a quick fitness check in too. So, without further ado…here we go!

Running has been going well.  July had a lot of great miles despite the heat, vacations, summer schedule and other stuff. I have been sticking to my goal of running outside at least once a week and in most cases I have been getting out even more!  Very proud of that.  The differing terrain (along with our travels) has really upped my training, and this am when I was out for a 6 miler, I saw myself clocking 7:30 minute miles consistanclty!  Yay!  All of my work is paying off.  Love that.

Anyway, I have also decided to re-start my Yoga practice as a supplement to my running.  The reason is many-fold and includes needing some breathing/meditation practice, wanting to strengthen my core, and lenthgen my arm and leg muscles. I was starting to get SUPER tight from running (hamstrings in us runners are the typical culprit). Most of you don’t know, but I actually have a yoga teaching certificate. I got it a while ago and it is primarily for fitness based yoga and concentrated mostly on Asana.  Anything I learned otherwise that I incorporate into my practice (breath work etc) comes from friends immersed in the field. Anyway, I’ve been trying to get “on my Mat” for at least 10 minutes a day.  The practice varies days to day, I incorporate poses that my body says it needs :-). It always features a few sun salutations in the beginning, pigeon on both sides, all three warriors and hamstring seated posture work. I have to admit; I’m kind of loving it.  To get me started I put on scott’s and my song “never my love” (Audra Mae) as I can match my breathing to it. Then for the second half of my practice I complete silently with breath work. Anyway, if you’re interested in any of the quick serieses that I complete, I am happy to share.

Anyway, back to running/fitness in general, how crazy cool is it that I clocked in 140 miles consistently the last three months. Not more not less! OCD me loves that 😉 my legs are starting to feel a bit heavy and I think a rest day is in my near future. Tell me about your lateness fitness endeavors! 

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