Hello there, blog world!  My name is Jessica, and I live in Center City Philadelphia with my adorable husband Ian and dog Oscar.  By day I am a school teacher of elementary grades.  By night I am known to  run, do yoga, read trashy mags and other non-trashy blogs, eat frozen yogurt, watch dumb TV shows, play with my dog, finish up my Master’s degree at some point, watch the PHILLS (win preferably) and other random things.  I initially began this blog as a forum upon which to unveil/let loose all of my crazy random thoughts.  Somehow thoughts seem less random in the blog world?  Dunno.  Anyway, through this medium I hope to establish a better relationship with other bloggies, readers and most importantly myself.

augustandshore 005


OK, so my life has changed a lot since I started this blog, mainly with the addition of my favorite person in the world, my SON ZACHARY!  I decided NOT to edit what I had originally started with when the blog was created, as my opinion, who I am, and my history has not changed.  Instead, I am adding.  This year is going to be a very interesting one for me, as I am taking half of the school year off from my teaching job to raise my baby, who I could not imagine in a million years I would love so much.  I am looking forward to providing you with some entertainment as I document our adventures and my verbal vomit 😉 hehe.  No really.  Anyways, as always…

Feel free to email me with any question, comments, etc. at jessdownes1@gmail.com  I would love to talk to you!

Finally, some recent pics!

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Jess. I wanted to check out your blog via Pamperedwithpaige and I love it! Although I shouldnt be reading this all day at work !I love reading what others do and how alike so many of us are! Digging what you are doing. Excited to see what you bring! 🙂

    • Marina! First off, LOVE your name! Secondly, thank you SOOOO much for your feedback! You are great! Hope I can fulfill all of your blogging needs! hahah! keep in touch, girl!

  2. No.. thank yoU!!!!Not a fan of my own name.. but thats nice of you! I love how your a teacher.. I intially was one too.. but decided to get into Human Resources.. I was thinking about blogging too.. but cant seem to get started. Yours is great.. love the colors ! Love the H&M scarves too.. super cute.. must goooo!

  3. Hey! It was so nice to meet you at lululemon athletica yesterday! I hope to see you at Shanti Yoga Shala sometime–let me know if you want to grab a jivamukti class together!

  4. Jess, love your blog! It was so nice meeting you last night at the meetup. Anytime you want to complain about Storytown, let me know!


  5. I saw your little guest post on SkinnyRunner and had to check out your blog! I also live in Center City Philly, and hit up Kelly Drive and West River for my runs a lot! Let me know if you ever want a running partner!

    • No way! that would be awesome! I LOVE that run! It is my favorite and I never get sick of it!` We should run together some time! Very cool! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Jess,
    Stumbled upon your blog and had a question…I saw some pics of you with black knee socks(Disney race with a cute tu-tu)? Maybe they were some sort of compression garment? Just interested in your thoughts about them. I suffer from lower leg pain and am finally able to run again after almost a year. Lookin for anything that might help…thanks

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