And Finally…the Family BBQ

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Rounding out this years’ Memorial Day BBQs (this now will bring the total to THREE!), I will briefly recap the family barbeque we held at our house Monday.  It was a GREAT time!

WHO:  Myself, Husband, MOM, DAD and Eamon


WHERE:  Our house!

WHY:  So Husband could try Chilli Garlic sauce on his hot dog Kidding!

HOW:  Lots of planning and prep!

See above- the way I prep (Sabrina would be SOOO proud) is that I make a menu and resulting Market List:

Corn on the Cob

Caesar Salad

Potato Salad

Turkey Burgers with cheese

Hot Dogs


THEN, I lay EVERYTHING out in their respective bowls (see above).   It REALLY pays off to plan!  Then, you can just enjoy!


Berry Salad wtih whipped cream over brownies

Chips/Salsa (appy)

Neighborhood Block Party- Memorial Day 2010

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I must start this post by saying singing, “Who are the people in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, oh who are the people in your neighborhood?  They’re the people that you meet when you’re walking down the street, they’re the people that you meet each day.”


BOY do I like did I liked that show!  OK, flashback over…return to the present!

Well, guys, all I can say is…my ‘hood KNOWS how to partay!  We have the most amazing get-togethers for all of the “good weather” holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc.) and we do it up!  5-B STYLE, of course…






…In no particular order, of course!  There were also other goodies:




...and YUM

Let’s just say people had FUN…A LOT of FUN…maybe too much? LOL

Fun with friends…


Pound Ridge, NY- Memorial Day Weekend 2010


We decided to head to Pound Ridge this weekend to see Mom and Dad #2!  It was a blast like always!  We all (Oscar, Ian and myself) LOVE to escape the city to the beautiful suburbs of Westchester County, NY!

Excuse the blur and evening pic, but this is our gorgeous view when we pull up to the MIL/FIL house!

Mm MOM 2 and DAD 2 (plus LOLA-dog) live in a beautiful house in Pound Ridge, New York.  We just LOVE it there.  Our getaways there include MUCH outdoor time in their spacious and lush yard and pool area…

While the doggies LOVE the pool…

Uhhhh....OK, so maybe Lola likes the pool a bit more than Oscar... 🙂

The adults like to chill on the deck…

Being in NY definitely brings the outdoorsy-ness out in ALL of us.

We hiked in the local nature preserve and at a beautiful nearby ravine.  It was awesome.  BUT, of course I got a lil shoppy-shoppy in.  I purchased some adorable digs for our trip to Europe this summer (more on that to come) along with a VERY European hat and pair of Raybans LOL.

C'est la Vie!

Overall, a great time with the MIL and FIL.  We were fed great food- thanks Dad 2 for the amazing grilled steak-and saw a FANTASTIC movie—The Blind Side-

PS:  LOVED it!  Did you see the Blind Side?  Did you love it as much as I did?!?!?

6:30 Makes a Way Better Dinner Time!


Yup, 6:30.  And while we NEVER eat by then, I must say that 6:30 would make a MUCH better dinner time then…(drumroll please)


Yes, you heard that right…a MARATHON pace!  My father-in-law (Dad #2) used to run marathons and is VERY supportive of and excited about my running hobby.  He told me this weekend at Easter that his pace for marathons was a 6:30!  Holy cow! I can’t even run ONE mile at a 6:30!  Gooooooo Dad!

Anywhooooo, yesterday was certainly NOT going to be the day to break any speed records for me.  I had a terrible run!  Don’t you hate when that happens?  Here is what was getting me on my outdoor 4-mile River run…

1.  My stomach was KILLING me- I don’t know what didn’t settle right OR if the 90 degree heat just got to me, but I had to crouch over and walk the last quarter mile.  Bummer.  It was painful.

2.  I swallowed a bug.  Gross.

3.  I was HOOOOOOOOOT (90 degree weather)

4.  My legs were sore- I was still wearing in my new sneakers- wonder if this is why?!?!  Dunno.

OK, that is just 4 reasons.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  After my run I went to Aqua fit, and like always, it was a hit!

So, when I got home I needed some SERIOUS fuel.  This is what I have been ALL about lately…


Have you guys ever had this stuff?  It is soooo good and has a whopping 6 grams of protein per serving for staying power! It is quite caloric, but I think the protein balances it out.  Yay for Bear Naked!  Yum!  All together with some Yoplait Light (I’m digging the blueberry with this granola but also LOVE the apple turnover with yummy real apple bites throughout)…

The perfect combo (with diet Chick-Fil-A Lemonade, of course-my fave!)

OK, moving on…Last night for dinner, we had a return of Shake-N-Bake, except I think I baked for too long- it was TOUGH. 

Oh well.  The mashed potatoes were also gritty so I wasn’t digging those either, BUT the frozen brussel sprouts in butter sauce were DELISH!  I was delighted to see that “frozen veggies are just as nutritious as fresh” as I buy frozen due to poor “food timing” (aka stuff going bad before I remember my purchase).

Anyway, question for today—-what is your opinion on frozen vs. fresh veggies?  Pros and cons?

A “Sneak” Peak

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Hello all!  As promised, I wanted to review my new Brooks sneakers as soon as I could!  I wore them for an hour on the Cybex to wear them in and plan on taking these babies on a short outdoor run tomorrow (before aqua fit).

As you can see, the shoe is called Glycerin.  I love them so far!  You can also see that they are a size 8.  This was interesting to me because I usually wear a 7 and a half at the most.  But, I wear orthodics which take up a lot of room, and feet swell while running so it’s better to give them more space.  Anyway, go Brooks!  I will update you on how my sneaks handle my lil’ run tomorrow.

PS:  I have been craving Chick Fil-A so intensly and frequently lately!  I buy gallons of the diet lemonade which is ABSURDLY delish!  I STRONGLY recommend it!  It has real citrus in it.  YUM!  I am also craving the chicken, of course.  SO, question- do you consider Chick-Fil-A fast food?  Check out the nutritional information– it’s not bad.  😉


Mixed Media Workout and Welcome Back!


First off, Look who’s baaaack!

Reunited and it feels so GOOD!

YAY!  If you all remember, my beloved white puffy Old Navy jacket that I got for QUITE the steal was stolen by an old friend.  BOO.  BUT, each door that closes offers an open door…that opened to a NEW (same price wootwoot), improved, LONGER (got it in a size Small- TALL this time) and CLEAN jacket!  yay! I am very excited to wear it!  So, my dear jacket, welcome back!

Speaking of Welcome Backs, yesterday I decided to try a “mixed media” workout (coined that term myself, clever, no?) instead of just running.  Several reasons for this:

1.  I’m a bit concerned about the shin that might be stress-fractured…so concerned that I refuse to get it x-rayed because I don’t want to know!  I know…bad idea- I can hear you all yelling at me through cyber-space.  I will go sometime soon.

2.  My arms and abs need a lil’ strengthening

3. I don’t want to bore of running

4.  I want my endurance to transfer across sports

So, yesterday, I did a 3-miler for speedwork. THEN, I went to the Club for an hour-long Yoga class.  I am definitely sore today but it was well worth it!  Wootwoot!  I had been practicing on my own a BIT after my runs but targeting specific muscles but this yoga class banged out the whole body. 

When I got home, I was starving!  I had planned to do chicken tacos but Gordita-style (better pita plus Ranch-yum) but was craving B4D (Breakfast for Dinner) and the Husband wanted Chinese.  SO, I made the most amazing B4D EVER!  I used Arnold Sandwich thins (2 at 100 cals. a piece), dipped in egg beaters which I seasoned with cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice.  I made healthy hashbrowns on the side. I just have to plan for those pancakes...or panqueques 😉 We made that word up when we were in Spain, assuming that is what they call pancakes

The whole thing was DELISH!  So delish that my camera ate some of it before it could take a picture!

French toast trial from Monday morning 😉

I really shouldn’t take credit for this genius healthy and quick french toast, as I saw the idea on Tina’s blog, But, it was wonderful!  You MUST try it asap!

OK, enough for now, but check in later for another “mixed media” workout recap.  Today on the schedule… AQUA fit!  haha- should be fun!  I am trying a low-impact workout today, as my shins are sorta bothering me!  Toodles!

The morning (day) after…


So last night’s party was a blast!  It was intimate and lovely!  A wonderful time…here are some picture highlights!  

Because of the snow (and the subsequent Philadelphia Snow Emergency), our usual menu had to be altered, as Chic-Fil-A and Philadelphia Soft Pretzel were both closed.  Therefore, there were some new additions to the menu, which turned out to be delish!  

Homemade baked ziti  

Total cheesey yumyum!


Funfetti cake (decorated by yours truly, who doesn’t necessarily excel in cake decorating) nicely decorated 😉  

The cookies surrounding it are plain Stella Dora cookies (Husband leaves those in the package hehe) that I iced for more excitement


And onto more icing, iced cookies (chocolate chip AND sugar)…and for those crazy people who don’t like like their cookies iced, I left some plain.  

another yumyum...and addictvie too 🙂


…I know what you’re thinking.  Yes, I was icing-happy.  But i think it worked ;-).  Here are some pictures of the table and decor:  

Food, glorious food!


The bar…the drink was peppermint martinis by the way, which were (adorably) garnished with mini candy canes.  🙂  


Fire was a roarin’  (thanks Husband!)  


I think Oscar is getting annoyed by my constant camera usage…I wonder who else is… 😉  


Anyway, it was a great time.  

I am currently watching Sweet Home Alabama.  I just love that movie.  I made a spaghetti squash and am waiting for it to cook.  this time, instead of halving it and putting the halves face down on a baking sheet (sprayed, of course), I sput them in a deeper pan like this…  


…face down with a cup of water in the bottom (for one hour on 350.) They fit perfectly!  


 Anyway, I will let you know how it turns out.  I am planning to do it “Italian Style” (with tomato sauce and cheese)…yumyum!  

So, I’m feeling bad out the passing of Brittany Murphy, age 32, today.  She was in three of my favorites, 8 Mile, Clueless, and the one with Ashton Kutcher (I forget the name)…anyway, RIP.   


OK, until later…

The words “I can’t” have officially been eliminated today! PRs for distance and speed! WootWoot!


Yup, you read right!  I had an AWESOME run tonight…In SWEAR it was fueled by the awesomeness of Husband’s “Friday Treat.” (each Friday, Husband leaves a treat in my car 🙂  he is too cute, although it is always quite an indulgence)  Love it!

SUCH a yumyum!

Anyway, I decided to run indoors, and yes, Lindsay ( I DID have good reading material 😉 I was feeling SOOOO good though that I didn’t even look at it!  SO I DID A 6 AT 6 IN 60 AT 6.0  heehee- 6 miles, at 6pm less than an hour time ;-), running mostly on 6.0!  I know, I’m a dork.  But it was AWESOME!  I feel like I ran a lotta bad nonsense, into a way clearer place- did that make any sense?  Anyway, YAY!  What was the last accomplishment you had?  Share!