The best kind of day

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I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the holiday. We sure are. Friday was one of those days. Caitlin recently wrote about one of these days. The kind that you want to cherish forever and that makes you truly thankful for all you have. Life is good. There wasn’t anything particularly special about Friday; it was just the feeling of the day in general. Zachary woke up around 8 (obviously a fantastic start to the day) and we had coffee and played until his morning nap. Zachary is usually in a good mood in the morning so that is always fun. Then during his morning nap I got a good fiver in (per run-a-day-cember of course). When Zachary woke up we went to the Comcast light show in the Comcast building. He enjoyed people watching as much as the lights I think. Then we visited the Christmas village in Love park. It was sooooo fun and festive. We drank hot mulled wine and bought some goodies (always fun). It was just such a fun-filled lovely thankful day. The kind I will remember forever and will be especially thankful for in these times and in this holiday season. Happy holidays to everyone. Peace. Joy. And love.


Where does it go!?

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The time I mean.  These days seem to be flying by!  No?!  I keep trying to blog more often and I turn around and it has been a week!  Argh.  Will.  Try. Harder.  Speaking of time flying, Mr Zachary is approaching his 8 month birthday!!!  Argh!  TIme sooooo flies!  This weekend we had a little celebration for him.  I’ll recap with some pictures 😉






Anyway,  right now I am indulging myself with a little tv watching- I never really watch live tv, but I am watching the View!  Connie Britton is on and I am LOVING her show Nashville. LOVE.  I watch it on my ABC player while on the treadmill.  I love catching up on TV while I am running. I am quite aware that TV can make you run slower while listening to tunes can make you pick up your pace, but I LOVE catching up on tv and it makes my runs more fun.  Do you watch Nashville?  LOVE this show.  My previous treadmill show was Shark Tank. (ABC’s player is fantastic)…Moving on…I am currently meal planning for the week as I plan to go to the grocery store when Zach wakes up from his nap.  Speaking of naps, he is moving to the two- nap schedule.  I had heard about this 2-3-4 schedule but had not experienced it until recently.  Basically, around Zach’s age, babies start a 2-3-4 schedule where they wake up and are awake for 2 hours. Then they nap (he has been doing a 1.5-2 hr nap) then are awake for 3 hours, then nap (another 1.5-2 hours) then up for 4 then bed.  Zach’s last wake period is usually closer to three hours.  I like this schedule.  Now, if night sleeping could just be a bit more consistent.  I am TIRED!  Last night Zach ate three times in twelve hours!  I dream fed at 10, then he was up at 1:30, 5:30 then up for good at 8. UGH.  Trying REALLY hard to cut down to only one feeding aside from his dream feed but he is sick so that is hard to do right now. I will post an update on this soon. I also owe you a post on the Baby Brezza food maker, and I plan to do one on my experience with Fresh Direct and throwing a brunch. Check back soon! I WILL blog more often!  🙂 Hope you all are well!

Vacation Recap: Bermuda July 2011

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Hi there!  I hope you enjoyed the rediculousness of my last post highlighting the various disasters that I ran into (literally) while away on vacation.  I plan on recapping the rest of the vacay (the wonderful parts) in two posts: one on the cruise itself and one (this one) on Bermuda.

Bermuda Day 1:  The BIKE!

So, being a wuss, I was completely against renting scooters as tourists traditionally do in Bermuda.  I had heard too many horror stories of broken bones and body casts and wasn’t about to risk my life…so I insisted that we instead rent peddle bikes.  You know, like bikes you ride on the street, or at the shore.

Right… great idea (note the sarcasm).  I have NO ONE to blame but myself for the accident (read the previous post for details) but other than that, the day turned out really neat.  I will admit, the 18 or so mile ride was quite rigorous (hilly and hot) death defying, thrilling, but gorgeous.

Gee, maybe I crashed my bike because I, Ansel Adams, thought I could photograph WHILE riding…

We actually found an amazing rail path that had been used long ago that was free of cars but plentiful in scenery that kept us safe for about 8 miles.

Fun with the self timer (even among the injured!)

Husband and I decided to call it a day (finally) after stopping at a beautiful beach called Church Bay to lounge for a bit.

Church Bay

We were both starving so we pulled over to a local (tourist) spot to grab lunch.  Now, I mention this because let me tell you; Bermuda is SO expensive!  I got a cheeseburger, Husband got fish and chips, and we eat got a diet coke.  65 bucks.  YUP.  Ya heard!  Can you believe that?!?!  Anyway, we finally made it back to the dockyard to the safety of our boat.

Night view

The plan for that evening was to meet Ian’s family (who happened to be on our cruise unbeknownst to us prior- HOW FUNNY and AWESOME?!?) and take a ferry into Hamilton for a street fair.

Given the “size of our party” we inevitably missed the ferry but definitely made up for it by visiting the local hot spot, the Frog and Onion Pub at the dockyard.  Although it was another heart-attack of a bill 😉  we had SUCH a good time with the family and here, I believe, my love affair with PROSECCO began!

We seriously had SUCH a good time

"Adult" (yea right, who are we kidding) Table

Kids table

And it was here that the cutest picture known to man was taken:

Then, the goofy “couples shots” and “other” ensued:

Note the arm bandage and ankle brace...cute.

The Husband was getting prematurely undressed hehe LOL! I kid!

Yea...none of us got ANY sun...especially the irish ones 😉

Back on the ship that night, we saw the Cruise band play a 70s rock set on the pool deck.  Good times continued…

DAY 2:  Snorkel!

OK, so I pooped the bed on this one and didn’t bring my camera, but the Husband and I went out on a catamaran and visited a shipwreck site as well as many coral reefs to snorkel around.  It was the BOMB!  Initially I feared what it might do to my various wounds (suspicions confirmed:  it hurt) but it was really neat!  We saw some AMAZING fish.  And continuing with my amazing luck (NOT) I was unable to wear flippers due to my ankle injury (kicking on my own felt much better) and therefore kicked into the coral, hurting the bottom of my foot. YAY.  It was a MINOR bump in the road comparatively 🙂  Anyway, it was gorgeous.

Day 3:  Time to Chill (Before I injure anything else)

Husband and I decided to lounge at the man-made beach at the dockyard.  We figured staying closer to “home” (ship) was a good idea at this point, and the ship was scheduled to leave port at 5pm.  So, we went to said beach for a few hours until we couldn’t take the sweltering anymore and we decided to visit the onsite museum and old military fort.  This was RIGHT up Husband’s alley.

Included in admission was the option to see dolphins!  We got a little peek, but then we had to go because of time (and heat!).

I’ll admit; the whole thing was kinda cool…
And just like that, it was time to get back on the boat and sail back to New York…stay tuned for a Cruise recap!  Oh, and one or two more “gone wrongs!”

And Finally…the Family BBQ

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Rounding out this years’ Memorial Day BBQs (this now will bring the total to THREE!), I will briefly recap the family barbeque we held at our house Monday.  It was a GREAT time!

WHO:  Myself, Husband, MOM, DAD and Eamon


WHERE:  Our house!

WHY:  So Husband could try Chilli Garlic sauce on his hot dog Kidding!

HOW:  Lots of planning and prep!

See above- the way I prep (Sabrina would be SOOO proud) is that I make a menu and resulting Market List:

Corn on the Cob

Caesar Salad

Potato Salad

Turkey Burgers with cheese

Hot Dogs


THEN, I lay EVERYTHING out in their respective bowls (see above).   It REALLY pays off to plan!  Then, you can just enjoy!


Berry Salad wtih whipped cream over brownies

Chips/Salsa (appy)

Pound Ridge, NY- Memorial Day Weekend 2010


We decided to head to Pound Ridge this weekend to see Mom and Dad #2!  It was a blast like always!  We all (Oscar, Ian and myself) LOVE to escape the city to the beautiful suburbs of Westchester County, NY!

Excuse the blur and evening pic, but this is our gorgeous view when we pull up to the MIL/FIL house!

Mm MOM 2 and DAD 2 (plus LOLA-dog) live in a beautiful house in Pound Ridge, New York.  We just LOVE it there.  Our getaways there include MUCH outdoor time in their spacious and lush yard and pool area…

While the doggies LOVE the pool…

Uhhhh....OK, so maybe Lola likes the pool a bit more than Oscar... 🙂

The adults like to chill on the deck…

Being in NY definitely brings the outdoorsy-ness out in ALL of us.

We hiked in the local nature preserve and at a beautiful nearby ravine.  It was awesome.  BUT, of course I got a lil shoppy-shoppy in.  I purchased some adorable digs for our trip to Europe this summer (more on that to come) along with a VERY European hat and pair of Raybans LOL.

C'est la Vie!

Overall, a great time with the MIL and FIL.  We were fed great food- thanks Dad 2 for the amazing grilled steak-and saw a FANTASTIC movie—The Blind Side-

PS:  LOVED it!  Did you see the Blind Side?  Did you love it as much as I did?!?!?

6:30 Makes a Way Better Dinner Time!


Yup, 6:30.  And while we NEVER eat by then, I must say that 6:30 would make a MUCH better dinner time then…(drumroll please)


Yes, you heard that right…a MARATHON pace!  My father-in-law (Dad #2) used to run marathons and is VERY supportive of and excited about my running hobby.  He told me this weekend at Easter that his pace for marathons was a 6:30!  Holy cow! I can’t even run ONE mile at a 6:30!  Gooooooo Dad!

Anywhooooo, yesterday was certainly NOT going to be the day to break any speed records for me.  I had a terrible run!  Don’t you hate when that happens?  Here is what was getting me on my outdoor 4-mile River run…

1.  My stomach was KILLING me- I don’t know what didn’t settle right OR if the 90 degree heat just got to me, but I had to crouch over and walk the last quarter mile.  Bummer.  It was painful.

2.  I swallowed a bug.  Gross.

3.  I was HOOOOOOOOOT (90 degree weather)

4.  My legs were sore- I was still wearing in my new sneakers- wonder if this is why?!?!  Dunno.

OK, that is just 4 reasons.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  After my run I went to Aqua fit, and like always, it was a hit!

So, when I got home I needed some SERIOUS fuel.  This is what I have been ALL about lately…


Have you guys ever had this stuff?  It is soooo good and has a whopping 6 grams of protein per serving for staying power! It is quite caloric, but I think the protein balances it out.  Yay for Bear Naked!  Yum!  All together with some Yoplait Light (I’m digging the blueberry with this granola but also LOVE the apple turnover with yummy real apple bites throughout)…

The perfect combo (with diet Chick-Fil-A Lemonade, of course-my fave!)

OK, moving on…Last night for dinner, we had a return of Shake-N-Bake, except I think I baked for too long- it was TOUGH. 

Oh well.  The mashed potatoes were also gritty so I wasn’t digging those either, BUT the frozen brussel sprouts in butter sauce were DELISH!  I was delighted to see that “frozen veggies are just as nutritious as fresh” as I buy frozen due to poor “food timing” (aka stuff going bad before I remember my purchase).

Anyway, question for today—-what is your opinion on frozen vs. fresh veggies?  Pros and cons?

When Life Gets in the Way


Well, hello there, Blog World!  I’m baaaaack!  Oh, how I’ve missed you!  😉  SO the title pretty much explains my absence; life got in the way.  A craxy hectic time was my spring break.  Anyway, here are some of the notable (and blog-appropriate :-)) events of the past week…

Last weekend, we went to Cincinnatti to meet our niece, Caitlin.  She is beautiful!  Just perfect! 

While we were in Cincy, Ian and I were able to spend some time together

We ate ice cream at an awesome place called Graeter’s in the center of the cute little town.

Look at the hidden Easter candy room inside Graeter's!

 We grabbed a drink and sat outside while sipping it in the sun at a cute little Bistro also in the center of town. 

We also worked out.

Anyway, it was a loovely trip.

I also got a Keratin treatment for my hair.  Sorry, I did not remember to take before and after shots. 

According to,

This therapy is the foundation of Keratin Complex – the original, in-salon service that infuses natural keratin deep into hair’s cuticle. This revolutionary therapy eliminates up to 95% of frizz and curl and instantly adds amazing shine, silkiness and condition to the hair. The results are astounding. Clients rave that “this is a life-changing experience”. Hair is more manageable, smoother and easier to style than ever before. It is perfect on all types of hair – including color treated and chemically processed hair!

So far so good.  The process itself was a bit intense though;

First they wash your hair three times to rid of any excess product.

Then, they dry your hair.

The Keratin is then applied (combed through)

Then they blow dry the hair with the keratin in it (no, it’s actually not that greasy).

Then they flat iron the Keratin into the hair.

Phew!  It’s a good think I like my hairdresser!

Anyway, the blowdrying time is now like a quarter of what it used to be, and my hair soooo silky and soft!  Good stuff!  There was also a special on it at my salon during March so that made it more affordable.  The only thing that was HALF annoying was that after the flat ironing was done, I could not wash my hair (not such a biggie) or pull it back at all (BIG BIGGIE) for 3 days.  If you know me, you know I live with my hair back and LOVE to pin back my bangs.  Oh well.  All’s well that ends well, right?

I also went to Florida for a couple days.  It was a very quick but fun trip.  Again, no pictures, sorry.  The trip was pretty uneventful, except my sister and I did manage a trip to South Beach for a few fun hours 😉

We then went to New York for Easter (Saturday morning through Sunday evening).  Boo, no pics, I know!  But it was a great time!

So yesterday was my actual ONLY vacation day out of the entire vacay!  I was able to get a TON done, including a 7-mile FUN RUN (dubbed this after my father-in-law begged me to leave the Garmin at home and just have fun) and the purchase of NEW AND SPECTACULAR Brooks running sneakers!  Woot woot!  Word up!  I will be filling you in on these babies a little later. 

In other fun news, I have secured a lil’ part-time (PT) gig as instructor at a WONDERFUL College around here and am VERY excited for this!  More on that later.

SOOOOO…how about you?  What have you been up to?  Today’s question…

I am excited to wear my new sneakers in.  What is your method for doing so????  Happy Tuesday!  Toodles!

Yesterday was AWESOME!

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So, as you read ( my schedule, it indicated that yesterday was quite busy…and boy it was!  BUT…SOOOOO productive and awesome!


1.  Verizon wireless- OH HOW I LOVE THEE!  Wow, definitely NEVER thought i’d say that!  I went into the K of P store thinking it would be the usual- “it’s you not the phone” thing, but TIM at Verizon HOOKED IT UP!  My phone WAS actually messed up and they are sending me a new one!  NO need to re-read… yes, they are actually sending me a BRAND new bberry, it was NOT my fault (for once) AND the experience didn’t make me want to bang my head against the wall!  Wootwoot!

2. Onto Pier One I went!  So I quickly banged out gifts for Husband’s 3 secretaries (they are not all his but are all equally helpful ;-)) AND some REALLY cute stocking stuffers

Oh, Mother Nature, you are TOO funny! ;-)

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So,  I guess it’s a good thing that most of our friends live in the city because the party that was supposed to be tonight has been hindered a bit by the snow I “ordered up.”  Husband says it will be nice for the holiday party atmosphere but I’m pretty sure he is just thinking “hmmmm more nuggets for me!”  heehee Oscar LOOOVES marking the snow!

Nice Osc.

Um yea.  So while we ponder that, more on last night’s run.  I am still soooo proud of myself and of course had to take a proof pic for myself!


Boy, did I look the part, huh?


And boy did I refuel!  Yumyum alert!

So I am actually NOT that sore today. I think it is due to the fact that post-run I have been busting out some yoga moves targeted towards certain areas of my body that I feel need a lil’ TLC.  Yesterday is was a LOT of forward folds, butterfly and some pigeon 😉 Above all, even though my practice is not as regular as I would like it to be right now, yoga has taught me so much about my body and mindfulness. 

OK, moving on to “Wrapfest 2009!”  Last night after my lil’ PR, I did some serious wrappy wrap!  Husband and I have a little routine we follow each year…I wrap and place the gifts on the steps leading upstairs, and then he arranges them under the tree- he is SOOOO good at it!

So , I also wanted to show some REALLY cool stocking stuffers I got the other night on my successful shopping hunt!

Heehee this NEVER gets old...who was naughty this year?!?!?

For my in-laws (guess which is for who!)

And these for a friend who kindly invited me to a post-holiday cocktail partay!

Hmmm…who will be the owner of these dreamy-smelling babies?!?!?

OK, enough blabbing for now 😉  Time for partay prep! See you soon, bloggies!


The words “I can’t” have officially been eliminated today! PRs for distance and speed! WootWoot!


Yup, you read right!  I had an AWESOME run tonight…In SWEAR it was fueled by the awesomeness of Husband’s “Friday Treat.” (each Friday, Husband leaves a treat in my car 🙂  he is too cute, although it is always quite an indulgence)  Love it!

SUCH a yumyum!

Anyway, I decided to run indoors, and yes, Lindsay ( I DID have good reading material 😉 I was feeling SOOOO good though that I didn’t even look at it!  SO I DID A 6 AT 6 IN 60 AT 6.0  heehee- 6 miles, at 6pm less than an hour time ;-), running mostly on 6.0!  I know, I’m a dork.  But it was AWESOME!  I feel like I ran a lotta bad nonsense, into a way clearer place- did that make any sense?  Anyway, YAY!  What was the last accomplishment you had?  Share!