She’s Baaaaaack!!!!

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Hi everyone! Boy, has it been a while!  A year in fact…I see that the last post I wrote was post Broad Street and this Sunday guess what is coming up?  Yup…Broad Street!  So, it seems like nothing but EVERYTHING has changed.  I now have TWO precious baby boys


And while it was questionable whether there was ACTUALLY a child in there,

One day before I gave birth

One day before I gave birth

Gabriel David was born on January 9th, a healthy 6 pounds 4 ounces via c-section.


And while I have never felt more blessed, I will tell you…the struggle is REAL!  This ish is hard!  Ha!  So wait, how about THIS for a doppeldanger?  Guess who is who…

guess who

guess who


Guess who

Guess who

1.  Zachary

2.  Me

3.  Gabriel

Hahah funny, right!?  So, as I said, not much has changed, but everything!  I have a TON of exciting posts coming your way including:

Broad Street this year (should be fun considering I have not trained more than 8 miles which including hopping on and off the torture mill to pop in the pacifier several times, my kid doesn’t sleep, and breastfeeding saps the life out of me)

Zachary’s third birthday party

Gabriel’s birth

What else do you want to hear about?!

SO glad to be back!


Catch ya on the flip side!

Getting (back) into the Groove


UGH Motivation Gods, please help me!!!! I do not know what the problem is lately but I have been seriously lacking in motivation lately; not just with my workouts, but with life tasks in general.  (think:  house looks like a monsoon came through it)  I do not know if it is my various injuries or what, BUT per my stated plans, I MUST start my Half Mary training today…NO exceptions. I am hoping to get the the gym to bang through a four miler on the treadmill.  Philadelphia heat is definitely NOT cooperating with outside running plans…

I am going to be relying a LOT on the following:

– The latest US Weekly Mags

– My new ipad for entertainment


– My mantra:  Pain is temporary, PRIDE is forever.

Do you have a mantra you use for exercise?  For life in general?

A Walk in the Park

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Hi all!  So,  I feel like I mention walking in the park with Luxy and Stephie a lot, but don’t elaborate much.  Well, today’s the day… recapping a walk in the park!

Steph and Lux

Poor Stephie needs to walk Luxy girl every day.  Luxy is a very large (130 pounds) mastif and is as cute as can be.  BUT, she certainly needs a lot of exercize.  Sometimes I volunteer to meet these two lovely ladies in the Norristown Farm Park for a walk.  The farm park is very large and has a few streams flowing throughout.  There are trails and many wildlife to be seen. It is like a little nature preserve in the middle of N-Town 🙂

Ya know, everything was going soooo well…I was in SUCH a lovey mood…even hugging trees!

SUCH a hippie~!

…UNTIL Luxy and I got a LITTLE too lovey.  She headbutted and gave me a bloody nose an a fat lip!  Let’s assess the damage…

...and for a close-up

So…we got a lil’ rowdy.  BUT, all’s well that ends well- my fat lip deflated as the night went on, so no worries.  Husband met me out out Steph’s and we were off…to New York!  Stay tuned for a post on those shenanigans!  Toodles!

Running with a Friend

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So, I’ll start out this post with a question (I usually hit ya with it at the end)… Do you enjoy/like/prefer exercising with a friend????

Not to be sounding like a self-centered Debbie Downer (Downeser hehe) but I generally like to exercise ALONE…especially when it comes to RUNNING.  I really take the time when running to be by myself.  It is my “ME TIME.”  I get to sing think, reflect, or not.  BUT, yesterday I went it with a friend, and I realized that my reasons for running solo aren’t always great.  For example, running with a friend can be extremely motivating and way less boring.  Yesterday I went for a run with my friend Kristin.  She is SOOO great and in wonderful shape.  I was even getting butterflies in my belly, nervous that I would have to chase her the entire run and thinking I would burn out quickly. We planned to run from School over to the local park, do two loops there and run back. It is a 5-mile course that is filled with hills (in the park).  Well, I must say- we did great!  I don’t know if she was humoring me, but Kristin’s pace was LOVELY and I actually enjoyed the run AND the company!  So there was a final hill that I am pretty sure I would have ditched (aka walked up it) but because I was with a friend, I PUSHED…like hard.  And it was great.  SOOOO maybe my aversion to running with others is sort of a cop-out in ways.  Therefore, I am going to make it a goal to run with a partner at least once a week.  It can be really fun and encouraging!  So, thanks, Kris!

Kristin is the beautiful lady on the left 🙂

Moving on to today’s Oscar cuteness…We found out that Oscar’s Dog School (cute, right?) is closed all week for repairs, so the lovely Eamon filled in to help us out.  He is SOOO cool because he sent me some serious cuteness…Oskie waiting patiently for his treat 🙂

Happy Tuesday!  Toodles!

6:30 Makes a Way Better Dinner Time!


Yup, 6:30.  And while we NEVER eat by then, I must say that 6:30 would make a MUCH better dinner time then…(drumroll please)


Yes, you heard that right…a MARATHON pace!  My father-in-law (Dad #2) used to run marathons and is VERY supportive of and excited about my running hobby.  He told me this weekend at Easter that his pace for marathons was a 6:30!  Holy cow! I can’t even run ONE mile at a 6:30!  Gooooooo Dad!

Anywhooooo, yesterday was certainly NOT going to be the day to break any speed records for me.  I had a terrible run!  Don’t you hate when that happens?  Here is what was getting me on my outdoor 4-mile River run…

1.  My stomach was KILLING me- I don’t know what didn’t settle right OR if the 90 degree heat just got to me, but I had to crouch over and walk the last quarter mile.  Bummer.  It was painful.

2.  I swallowed a bug.  Gross.

3.  I was HOOOOOOOOOT (90 degree weather)

4.  My legs were sore- I was still wearing in my new sneakers- wonder if this is why?!?!  Dunno.

OK, that is just 4 reasons.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  After my run I went to Aqua fit, and like always, it was a hit!

So, when I got home I needed some SERIOUS fuel.  This is what I have been ALL about lately…


Have you guys ever had this stuff?  It is soooo good and has a whopping 6 grams of protein per serving for staying power! It is quite caloric, but I think the protein balances it out.  Yay for Bear Naked!  Yum!  All together with some Yoplait Light (I’m digging the blueberry with this granola but also LOVE the apple turnover with yummy real apple bites throughout)…

The perfect combo (with diet Chick-Fil-A Lemonade, of course-my fave!)

OK, moving on…Last night for dinner, we had a return of Shake-N-Bake, except I think I baked for too long- it was TOUGH. 

Oh well.  The mashed potatoes were also gritty so I wasn’t digging those either, BUT the frozen brussel sprouts in butter sauce were DELISH!  I was delighted to see that “frozen veggies are just as nutritious as fresh” as I buy frozen due to poor “food timing” (aka stuff going bad before I remember my purchase).

Anyway, question for today—-what is your opinion on frozen vs. fresh veggies?  Pros and cons?

When Life Gets in the Way


Well, hello there, Blog World!  I’m baaaaack!  Oh, how I’ve missed you!  😉  SO the title pretty much explains my absence; life got in the way.  A craxy hectic time was my spring break.  Anyway, here are some of the notable (and blog-appropriate :-)) events of the past week…

Last weekend, we went to Cincinnatti to meet our niece, Caitlin.  She is beautiful!  Just perfect! 

While we were in Cincy, Ian and I were able to spend some time together

We ate ice cream at an awesome place called Graeter’s in the center of the cute little town.

Look at the hidden Easter candy room inside Graeter's!

 We grabbed a drink and sat outside while sipping it in the sun at a cute little Bistro also in the center of town. 

We also worked out.

Anyway, it was a loovely trip.

I also got a Keratin treatment for my hair.  Sorry, I did not remember to take before and after shots. 

According to,

This therapy is the foundation of Keratin Complex – the original, in-salon service that infuses natural keratin deep into hair’s cuticle. This revolutionary therapy eliminates up to 95% of frizz and curl and instantly adds amazing shine, silkiness and condition to the hair. The results are astounding. Clients rave that “this is a life-changing experience”. Hair is more manageable, smoother and easier to style than ever before. It is perfect on all types of hair – including color treated and chemically processed hair!

So far so good.  The process itself was a bit intense though;

First they wash your hair three times to rid of any excess product.

Then, they dry your hair.

The Keratin is then applied (combed through)

Then they blow dry the hair with the keratin in it (no, it’s actually not that greasy).

Then they flat iron the Keratin into the hair.

Phew!  It’s a good think I like my hairdresser!

Anyway, the blowdrying time is now like a quarter of what it used to be, and my hair soooo silky and soft!  Good stuff!  There was also a special on it at my salon during March so that made it more affordable.  The only thing that was HALF annoying was that after the flat ironing was done, I could not wash my hair (not such a biggie) or pull it back at all (BIG BIGGIE) for 3 days.  If you know me, you know I live with my hair back and LOVE to pin back my bangs.  Oh well.  All’s well that ends well, right?

I also went to Florida for a couple days.  It was a very quick but fun trip.  Again, no pictures, sorry.  The trip was pretty uneventful, except my sister and I did manage a trip to South Beach for a few fun hours 😉

We then went to New York for Easter (Saturday morning through Sunday evening).  Boo, no pics, I know!  But it was a great time!

So yesterday was my actual ONLY vacation day out of the entire vacay!  I was able to get a TON done, including a 7-mile FUN RUN (dubbed this after my father-in-law begged me to leave the Garmin at home and just have fun) and the purchase of NEW AND SPECTACULAR Brooks running sneakers!  Woot woot!  Word up!  I will be filling you in on these babies a little later. 

In other fun news, I have secured a lil’ part-time (PT) gig as instructor at a WONDERFUL College around here and am VERY excited for this!  More on that later.

SOOOOO…how about you?  What have you been up to?  Today’s question…

I am excited to wear my new sneakers in.  What is your method for doing so????  Happy Tuesday!  Toodles!

Mixed Media Workout and Welcome Back!


First off, Look who’s baaaack!

Reunited and it feels so GOOD!

YAY!  If you all remember, my beloved white puffy Old Navy jacket that I got for QUITE the steal was stolen by an old friend.  BOO.  BUT, each door that closes offers an open door…that opened to a NEW (same price wootwoot), improved, LONGER (got it in a size Small- TALL this time) and CLEAN jacket!  yay! I am very excited to wear it!  So, my dear jacket, welcome back!

Speaking of Welcome Backs, yesterday I decided to try a “mixed media” workout (coined that term myself, clever, no?) instead of just running.  Several reasons for this:

1.  I’m a bit concerned about the shin that might be stress-fractured…so concerned that I refuse to get it x-rayed because I don’t want to know!  I know…bad idea- I can hear you all yelling at me through cyber-space.  I will go sometime soon.

2.  My arms and abs need a lil’ strengthening

3. I don’t want to bore of running

4.  I want my endurance to transfer across sports

So, yesterday, I did a 3-miler for speedwork. THEN, I went to the Club for an hour-long Yoga class.  I am definitely sore today but it was well worth it!  Wootwoot!  I had been practicing on my own a BIT after my runs but targeting specific muscles but this yoga class banged out the whole body. 

When I got home, I was starving!  I had planned to do chicken tacos but Gordita-style (better pita plus Ranch-yum) but was craving B4D (Breakfast for Dinner) and the Husband wanted Chinese.  SO, I made the most amazing B4D EVER!  I used Arnold Sandwich thins (2 at 100 cals. a piece), dipped in egg beaters which I seasoned with cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice.  I made healthy hashbrowns on the side. I just have to plan for those pancakes...or panqueques 😉 We made that word up when we were in Spain, assuming that is what they call pancakes

The whole thing was DELISH!  So delish that my camera ate some of it before it could take a picture!

French toast trial from Monday morning 😉

I really shouldn’t take credit for this genius healthy and quick french toast, as I saw the idea on Tina’s blog, But, it was wonderful!  You MUST try it asap!

OK, enough for now, but check in later for another “mixed media” workout recap.  Today on the schedule… AQUA fit!  haha- should be fun!  I am trying a low-impact workout today, as my shins are sorta bothering me!  Toodles!

Um, my dear, that might NOT be a “shin splint”


So, yesterday I tried to be “proactive” by going to a sports medicine doctor for some perceived “might be could be injuries.”  I had mentioned that I was planning on going and had made an appointment.  I was going to go to the 3B’s (Booth Bartolozzi and Balderston) but was referred across the street to Dr. Maenpaa, who trained under “the 3 B’s).

This guy is AWESOME!  The office that I went to is at 829 Spruce St Ste 308 Philadelphia, PA, but he also has offices in Devon and near Rittenhouse in Philly as well.  Anyway, Dr. Maenpaa was awesome.  He KNEW I was nervous by the fact that I could NOT shut my mouth (not really abnormal) and the look on my face…

It was SOOO cool.  He had me walk up and down the hall several times and observed my gate, my posture, my feet, etc.  Then he examined my shoulder.  The dude had the NERVE to tell me I needed to work on my abs to help my posture, to which I scoffed and planked it up for him for a few minutes (he asked!)…

Anyway, he was simply saying that strengthening the abs is good for the lower back, where I have pain a lot (due to being TOP-heavy naturally, thank you, and my poor posture).  OK, so here is the low-down on my two “pain places…”

1.  Shoulder- turns out that I have a “larger wing on my left side” (where the pain is behind my shoulder blade).  This means that if my right shoulder blade is, say, 3 inches to the right of my spine, my left is maybe 4 inches…does that make sense? So I am incredible imbalanced. This created much tension and resulting tendinopathy (can include both inflammation and microtears in the tendons, according to my favorite site webMD).  I have to get it xrayed because he fears there might be calcium deposits in there that he might have to “needle out.” I did not even ASK what the heck that meant, because if it is what it sounds like it is, I don’t wanna know!  For now, he is sending me to PT at a place around my house, where they will “work on it,” prescribed 800 mg. of ibuprofen, and after reviewing the x-rays he will tell me where to go from there.

2.  My shin- left shin has been “bothering me” (aka feels like a shin splint that won’t go away and hurts when I walk run and rest…cute).  He is concerned that it is a STRESS fracture!  OY!  Must get that x-rayed.  BUT, I recently had a Dexa scan which would have picked something like that up and it was clear, so if anything is there it is miniscule! 

Either way, when I got home, I jumped right on the treadmill (of course)…I will not “rest” until I am fully diagnosed..I know, stubborn.  I told them though, ” I didn’t get here from resting and I am certainly not going to leave here resting.”  I know, I must be a GREAT patient 😉  NOT!

So, after my run, I was sure to do some great stretching!  I did some yoga moves as follows…

"Butterfly pose" or "Baddha Konasana" to stretch out the groin

Forward fold with treadmill aid… (for the hammies) 

I also did standing forward folds like this:

The sanskrit word for forward fold is Uttanasana

Then, I did Janu Sirsasana on both sides…


(those pictures are from love it!)

Finally, I banged out one of these babies

I had to ask Shiya what this pose was called- she is the best!  By the way, it’s called Bharadvajasana and she kindly directed me to this

Bharadvajasana I

which is what it looks like when you bind in this posture 😉  Thanks, Shiya!  Please check out Shanti Yoga Shala…offer is still standing to come practice with me there!  Email me at anytime!

Anyway, definitely comment/drop me an email if you have had any experience with those injuries above…I need all the help I can get, and given the positive mental state running puts me in, I’m not resting 😉


An ALL Bruce (Springsteen, duh) Runner’s Dream Playlist

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OK, so I realize that my playlist post was not as comprehensive as I would have liked.  I left some crucial songs out!  I tried to post on the go, sans iPod and I must make some additions so check that post soon for this…

So, In light of  honor of those amazing pictures of Bruce I saw on TMZ

Bruce Springsteen

(In case you needed a reminder) 😉

I had an all-Bruce playlist on my 5-miler today.  It was as follows:

Radio Nowhere


No Retreat

Darlington County

Born to Run

Glory Days

Out on the Street

Hungry Heart


A runner’s dream playlist! JANUARY


Finally!  The post you all I have been waiting for!  Luckily, I heard three of my faves in a row in the car on the way to work which pumped me up for my run later…Do you Remember (Jay Sean), Hard (Rihanna), and ironically, Transform Ya (Chris Brown).  So, here are a few of my FAVE playlists!  By the way, I will be doing a new one each month that will feature new songs added to the “runner’s dream playlist” (not necessarily new on the radio, but new to “the mix”).


Marley- Three Little Birds

The Who- Baba O-Riley


Bruce (Springsteen duh)– Radio Nowhere, Darlington County, Badlands

Rush- Working Man, Subdivisions


Chris Brown-Transform Ya

Rihanna- Hard

Beyonce- Single Ladies

Alicia Keys/Jay-Z- Empire State of Mind

Gaga- Bad Romance

Wyclef- Dollar Bill

Jay Sean- Do you Remember


Disturbed- Down with the Sickness, Violence Fettish

The Casting Out- For Tonight


Owl city- Fireflies

Krishna Das (typically yoga music, but this song gets me going!  I have NO idea what he is saying but Oscar and I BOTH like ths song!- Township Krishna

Kris Allen- Live Like We’re Dyin’ (you KNOW I love this song!)

Darude- Sandstorm (lol- this does actually get me going!)

MIND GAMES I PLAY- So what I have been doing lately is playing a bit of “mind games” with myself.  I am the kind of person who gets OBSESSED with a particular song and I like to rock out to it at LEAST 3-4 times in a row (hey, it helps with the lyric-learning so I can belt along!). SO, I have been picking a “song-per-mile” and rocking out to that song on repeat until the next mile (and song) comes!  It seriously works to take your mind off of things and helps you achieve mileage goals…I think.  Try it- let me know what you think!  At least you can memorize lyrics so that you can belt it out with the best of them!