Fa-la-la-la-loooooove it!


Even though Sunday HAD to be the most disgusting weather day of the week year, we still managed to get our tree, which is BEAUTIFUL by the way, and decorate it.  It was a fantastic day!  Bri joined in the festivities as well!  Here are some highlights:

Oscar and I in our matching Snuggies

Oscar looking extremely adorable

The tree process (note hot Husband!)

And we added garland/lights to the railings (one of my favorite things about my house-going to do a post on this soon!)

We had a great time and the tree turned out BEAUTIFULLY- thanks Bri!  🙂

X-mas came early…In the form of Hanukah! heehee kidding!

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I had a wonderful time with my family last night for a Hanukah get-together that included a beautiful fire (that needed a LOT of TLC :-))

Dad, Mom, Aunt Susie, Sissy Sara, Husband and Oscar (who is not pictured becuase he was occupied the ENTIRE time with the present Grandma Carol gave him-a bully stick)…

I LOVE candid shots!  🙂

Anyway, the evening also included PRESENTS!  Wootwoot!

I got, among other AMAZING things…

sweeet mukluk socks

A Phileo t-shirt yup, you read that right people, and it is AWESOME!

A gift cert from this AMAZING store Philadelphia runner, www.philadelphiarunner.com, where you can have an expert “prescribe” you a pair of sneakers based on YOUR run.  The way is works is that the person observes you on a tradmill and i guess examines your foot (?) and then suggests certain pairs of running shoes. I am psyyyyyyyyched!  ALL f those things were from Husband!  He ROCKS!

Speaking of Husband, he was certianly thrilled excited about the wii console I got him, asd he is mocking me in this picture 😉

along with games and accessories from my family (below he is explaning them):

Mom liked her engraved iPod Nano (www.ipod.com– engraving is free and awesome)

And Sissy Sara liked her engraved Nano:

…but a jacket my mama got her, not so much…oh well, maybe she’ll re-gift to me?!?!!?

Dad LOVED and I mean LOVED his Kindle!  yay!  Great success!

ALL in all, great pictures…

Great memories!  🙂

Happy Holidays!

My PERSONAL Christmas List ;-)


I am a good gift lister for others, but sometimes a girl wants some stuff herself too 😉  Here are some of my favs for this season… please Santa 🙂

1.  A new phone- not AS impt. now that my crack-berry works, but it would be niiiiiice 😉  Anything to help my bloggin 😉

Verizon Droid by Motorola

2.  A spa gift cert- my aching new running legs!  I LOVE things to take care of myself 😉  mmmmm…I can feel the massage now!

3.  UGGS.  Any kind at all!  I know, I have an obsession!  BUT, I do like these babies, cause I have been feeling the moc look:

UGG Dakota Chestnut

4.  ANYTHING personalized- I LOOOVE that stuff!  I always get people personalized stuff but I have like NONE!  I feel like that is soooo thoughtful.  Great places for this:




5.  [IMG_0754[3].jpg]

A RUNNING skirt or any other gear like that.  Caitlin from www.healthytippingpoint.com (pictured above in an AWESOME skirt) says it is motivating.  I agree!  When I get into something (like running) I loooove getting new “gear” for it!  REALLY need new sneakers too but I told Husband that many times.

6.  REAL MUK-LUKS from Vickie’s

Stripe mukluk

7.  Jewlery.  Duh.  Any girl likes that!  I am DEF feeling black diamonds, though.  These are sooo cool!

It would be nice to alternate with my white studs 🙂  also, they are relatively inexpensive.  A carat pair like the one above is for less than 200!

OK, that’s enough for now, but PLEASE understand. This was not just a selfish list, but for YOU, bloggies- so that you can make some suggestions or do some last minute shopping!  heehee

Catch ya later!

“Thanksgiving, get some legs”

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…said Husband- pretty clever, no?  I am SOOOO excited for TGiving!  I love this time between now and the New Year.  I just feel like everythig is so festive and I truly believe in that “feeling in the air.”  I know, you’ll have whatever I’m having 😉 hahha.  But seriously, I LOVE the holiday spirit!  The Husband and I and Oscar (of course) will be heading to NYC (you know, the concrete jungle where dreams are made up?!?!?) to stay at the FAB-u-lous W New York  with the Bliss Spa (cannot WAIT to hit that baby up).  We will go directly there from my Mama’s Thanksgiving feast and stay through Saturday.  We are hoping to catch a play maybe while we are there and definitely if I’m lucky some shoppy-shoppy! Poor Husband…except, I am pretty sure there is a Crumbs somewhere near our hotel 😉

OMG! As I was looking for a W pic, I saw this!

W Retreat & Spa, Vieques Island – Opening March 1, 2010


LOVE THE W!  www.whotel.com

Oh, and here is the New York one we will be visiting soon!  Can’t help my obsession with these ridiculously nice hotels- it’s all for Oscar- they have dog bowls and treats and poopie bags in the room ready for him!  Get some legs, Thanksgiving!

Bliss Spa


Peace Out!