Wedding dress remorse????


So, one of my favorite things to do is look through old pictures.  While I was doing so, I came across the following dilemma.  I just don’t LOVE the wedding dress I wore (I know, it was not even a year ago and I need to get over it, but hear me out)!  And it’s really funny because when I started on “the dress search” I KNEW I wanted like a ballgown.  Not too big and bulky, but definitely SPECIAL.  Well, I did end up buying a dress like that. It was 399 at David’s Bridal.  Yes, you read that right 399!  I cannot resist a bargain!  But shortly after I bought it, I felt a bit of remorse.  There are just SOOO many dresses out there and there are sooo many to pick from.  You get into the trance, and you begin to question question question. SO, I went back to the store and ended up EXCHANGING that dress for another one (only 200 bucks more).  Dress number ONE is below.

I basically felt like I couldn’t move well, and to be honest, I felt FAT.  Now, I feel like I should not have let my body image make this decision for me, becuase now I sorta wish I had worn the one above.  NOT that the one I ended up wearing was ugly, and it certainly was something I would wear, but I should have stuck with my gut instincts, and not let my feelings ABOUT my gut (lol) deter me.  Anyway, what do you guys think? I am going to put it out there…please be honest.  Just curious.  Here is the dress I actually ended up wearing.

The lace was antique and beautiful…

PS:  The amazing dress below that I wore to our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner was another ridic bargain from David’s Bridal- it was 49 buckaroos!

And yes, I had THAT much fun!

X-mas came early…In the form of Hanukah! heehee kidding!

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I had a wonderful time with my family last night for a Hanukah get-together that included a beautiful fire (that needed a LOT of TLC :-))

Dad, Mom, Aunt Susie, Sissy Sara, Husband and Oscar (who is not pictured becuase he was occupied the ENTIRE time with the present Grandma Carol gave him-a bully stick)…

I LOVE candid shots!  🙂

Anyway, the evening also included PRESENTS!  Wootwoot!

I got, among other AMAZING things…

sweeet mukluk socks

A Phileo t-shirt yup, you read that right people, and it is AWESOME!

A gift cert from this AMAZING store Philadelphia runner,, where you can have an expert “prescribe” you a pair of sneakers based on YOUR run.  The way is works is that the person observes you on a tradmill and i guess examines your foot (?) and then suggests certain pairs of running shoes. I am psyyyyyyyyched!  ALL f those things were from Husband!  He ROCKS!

Speaking of Husband, he was certianly thrilled excited about the wii console I got him, asd he is mocking me in this picture 😉

along with games and accessories from my family (below he is explaning them):

Mom liked her engraved iPod Nano (– engraving is free and awesome)

And Sissy Sara liked her engraved Nano:

…but a jacket my mama got her, not so much…oh well, maybe she’ll re-gift to me?!?!!?

Dad LOVED and I mean LOVED his Kindle!  yay!  Great success!

ALL in all, great pictures…

Great memories!  🙂

Happy Holidays!

My review of the Snuggie


OK, so I admit it, I’m a brat.  I could not wait for Santa to bring me a Snuggie…not even the “Hanukah Santa.”  Listen, people, don’t judge.  I wanted to try to hang out downstairs more with the Husband and the big TV where it is normally too cold for me (hence the Snuggie).  Anyway, I broke down and bought myself one at during a previous Target run, of which I did NOT mention on the blog…cause I was embarassed I caved for the Snuggie.  You don’t understand, I’m always cold!

Excuse the bad pic and the purple bruise on my lip- I had to get something lasered yesterday…hurts!  😦

Anyway, the Sunggie is just OK.  It is fine for sitting and watching TV (and possible even sipping a drink) as the commercial implies, but tha tis really ALL you can do with it.  And let’s just say I’m not very good at just sitting and watching TV sipping a drink for an extended period of time…Anyway, the result of doing…pretty much anything else is:

The thing is CONSTANTLY slipping off.  Anyway, how cute does Osc look?  He just got groomed! 

He’s smiling for you

Exhausting day, no?

I hate when his eyes come out like that in pics…is he is a devilish dog though sometimes!  😉

Back to the Snuggie, it does keep you warm, just don’t expect to be able to move function well with it.  Scale of 1-10?  Ehhhh….just get. it.  It’s less than 20 bucks at Target!  OK, toodles!


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Not only my overused “new word” but the best way to describe today.  Yuck.  I am in a general bad mood and the Phillies lost last night.  Boo.  So, that means back to squaring off with the husband about TV choices for the evening, no more cheesesteaks (Husband SWORE his loyalty to eating a cheesesteak during each post-season game would guarantee the win) and waiting until next season.  Will miss you boys…

Anyway, I’m in a terrible mood today!  What do you do when you are feeling down?  Please comment and let me know!  I can’t wait until I get to the gym this afternoon and can run some of this off. 

OK, enough of that.  So I told the husband that I hit a new low last night…I bought some clothing at walmart.  YUP.  Nothing wrong with that, but I had a wise lady once tell me that you should not buy your clothing at the same store as your cleaning products (which I was ironically ATTEMPTING to purchase).  Bent that rule a bit.  Got a pair of “jeggings” (jean leggings).  I wanted to try a pair and see how they worked, but didn’t want to spend a bundle…Here’s what I came up with:

(except mine aren’t really as nice)

I also grabbed $5 leggings in grey, black and brown.  Go figure.  Alright, I’m outtie.  Toodles.

Who/What is really important to you?

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You know, I realized that I spend a LOT TOO MUCH time thinking/worrying about things that just are not important.  There are SO many things I waste SO much time fretting about when in all reality, whoooofc?  There are people and things that do NOT care about me, so good riddance to them.  There.  I said it.  Biyeeeee!  Here are some things that are important to me:
















Hella Day!

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HAAAAATE Tuesdays!  Tuesdays are BRUTAL!


See full size image

Kill time with Stephie and Lux 🙂

note:  Luxy is now TWICE the size…steph is NOT 🙂

Then Group
See full size image

Then teaching YOGA!

Then home to the Hub and Bub 🙂

OY…when will it end?  Long day continues:-)  Talk to you soon!

Know me thru pics…”those were the best days of my life…”

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So, a picture says a thousand (or million) words, right?

Best night of my liiiiiife!

Best night of my liiiiiife!

Cali!  My boy and his boyzzzz

Cali! My boy and his boyzzzz

bestie Kelly at my shower!

picked the prettiest wedding party ever!

bestie Bri and I LOOOOVE carzzzzz

too cute

love me some family!

Parents (left) Other parents (right)

the girls!  mommy sissy and grandma

Husband’s bro KEVV and his wife.

Daddy and doggies (his is Norman- white poodle, 5 lbs. soaking wet- my dad is Nate- Norm and Nate- how cute)










POUND RIDGE, NY for Christmas…and Thanksgiving


OY.  No more pics, please!!!! 🙂  talk to you soon!

…and we’re plugged in!

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OK, so here my journey into the world of blogging begins! I am so excited, but feel a bit like a “poser.” Woah- definitely have not used that word since high school! Anyway, after reading, enjoying, and even complaining about some blogs, I have decided it is my time to enter the “blogger world.” I know…bandwagoner all the way. Why blog? Let’s put it this way- it’s not that I have an overwhelming amount of information in this brain that needs to be shared, it’s the thought process that are highly amusing and MUST be spread. Ask my husband. Or my friends. Or even my dog. So, read on, and visit again soon, or roll your eyes and click the “x.” Happy bloggin!

Even my dog, Oscar is confused by my randomness!

Even my dog, Oscar is confused by my randomness!