Vacation Recap: Bermuda July 2011

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Hi there!  I hope you enjoyed the rediculousness of my last post highlighting the various disasters that I ran into (literally) while away on vacation.  I plan on recapping the rest of the vacay (the wonderful parts) in two posts: one on the cruise itself and one (this one) on Bermuda.

Bermuda Day 1:  The BIKE!

So, being a wuss, I was completely against renting scooters as tourists traditionally do in Bermuda.  I had heard too many horror stories of broken bones and body casts and wasn’t about to risk my life…so I insisted that we instead rent peddle bikes.  You know, like bikes you ride on the street, or at the shore.

Right… great idea (note the sarcasm).  I have NO ONE to blame but myself for the accident (read the previous post for details) but other than that, the day turned out really neat.  I will admit, the 18 or so mile ride was quite rigorous (hilly and hot) death defying, thrilling, but gorgeous.

Gee, maybe I crashed my bike because I, Ansel Adams, thought I could photograph WHILE riding…

We actually found an amazing rail path that had been used long ago that was free of cars but plentiful in scenery that kept us safe for about 8 miles.

Fun with the self timer (even among the injured!)

Husband and I decided to call it a day (finally) after stopping at a beautiful beach called Church Bay to lounge for a bit.

Church Bay

We were both starving so we pulled over to a local (tourist) spot to grab lunch.  Now, I mention this because let me tell you; Bermuda is SO expensive!  I got a cheeseburger, Husband got fish and chips, and we eat got a diet coke.  65 bucks.  YUP.  Ya heard!  Can you believe that?!?!  Anyway, we finally made it back to the dockyard to the safety of our boat.

Night view

The plan for that evening was to meet Ian’s family (who happened to be on our cruise unbeknownst to us prior- HOW FUNNY and AWESOME?!?) and take a ferry into Hamilton for a street fair.

Given the “size of our party” we inevitably missed the ferry but definitely made up for it by visiting the local hot spot, the Frog and Onion Pub at the dockyard.  Although it was another heart-attack of a bill 😉  we had SUCH a good time with the family and here, I believe, my love affair with PROSECCO began!

We seriously had SUCH a good time

"Adult" (yea right, who are we kidding) Table

Kids table

And it was here that the cutest picture known to man was taken:

Then, the goofy “couples shots” and “other” ensued:

Note the arm bandage and ankle brace...cute.

The Husband was getting prematurely undressed hehe LOL! I kid!

Yea...none of us got ANY sun...especially the irish ones 😉

Back on the ship that night, we saw the Cruise band play a 70s rock set on the pool deck.  Good times continued…

DAY 2:  Snorkel!

OK, so I pooped the bed on this one and didn’t bring my camera, but the Husband and I went out on a catamaran and visited a shipwreck site as well as many coral reefs to snorkel around.  It was the BOMB!  Initially I feared what it might do to my various wounds (suspicions confirmed:  it hurt) but it was really neat!  We saw some AMAZING fish.  And continuing with my amazing luck (NOT) I was unable to wear flippers due to my ankle injury (kicking on my own felt much better) and therefore kicked into the coral, hurting the bottom of my foot. YAY.  It was a MINOR bump in the road comparatively 🙂  Anyway, it was gorgeous.

Day 3:  Time to Chill (Before I injure anything else)

Husband and I decided to lounge at the man-made beach at the dockyard.  We figured staying closer to “home” (ship) was a good idea at this point, and the ship was scheduled to leave port at 5pm.  So, we went to said beach for a few hours until we couldn’t take the sweltering anymore and we decided to visit the onsite museum and old military fort.  This was RIGHT up Husband’s alley.

Included in admission was the option to see dolphins!  We got a little peek, but then we had to go because of time (and heat!).

I’ll admit; the whole thing was kinda cool…
And just like that, it was time to get back on the boat and sail back to New York…stay tuned for a Cruise recap!  Oh, and one or two more “gone wrongs!”

Cruisin’ (hopefully not for a bruisin’ hehe)

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Ok so we are currently on our way to NYC to board our cruise to…Bermuda!!!! (ps the pic above is me showing off the minuscule bottle of banana republic perfume I got for the trip that I thought I was getting a deal on…uh yea). Anyway, I am super excited although I’ll admit a bit apprehensive about leaving the pups. I already miss them. But I know that our good friends Ron and Joe will take amazing care of them while they stay at our home for the week…I mean I definitely bribed them enough hehe. No seriously. A little “hostess with the mostest” goes a long way.



“Thanksgiving, get some legs”

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…said Husband- pretty clever, no?  I am SOOOO excited for TGiving!  I love this time between now and the New Year.  I just feel like everythig is so festive and I truly believe in that “feeling in the air.”  I know, you’ll have whatever I’m having 😉 hahha.  But seriously, I LOVE the holiday spirit!  The Husband and I and Oscar (of course) will be heading to NYC (you know, the concrete jungle where dreams are made up?!?!?) to stay at the FAB-u-lous W New York  with the Bliss Spa (cannot WAIT to hit that baby up).  We will go directly there from my Mama’s Thanksgiving feast and stay through Saturday.  We are hoping to catch a play maybe while we are there and definitely if I’m lucky some shoppy-shoppy! Poor Husband…except, I am pretty sure there is a Crumbs somewhere near our hotel 😉

OMG! As I was looking for a W pic, I saw this!

W Retreat & Spa, Vieques Island – Opening March 1, 2010



Oh, and here is the New York one we will be visiting soon!  Can’t help my obsession with these ridiculously nice hotels- it’s all for Oscar- they have dog bowls and treats and poopie bags in the room ready for him!  Get some legs, Thanksgiving!

Bliss Spa


Peace Out!

A GDOT Weekend in New York!


This weekend was beautiful and lovely…just like Grandma Dot.  GDot is Ian’s grandmother who lived in Oregon and was cared for by her loving family until she passed away at the ripe old age of 95.  God Bless her!  I love her.

Me and Grandma Dot in Oregon this summer for Seamus and Kasia’s beautiful wedding

Anyway, GDot had a ceremony in Oregon when she passed last month and then we had one for her this weekend in New York, where she was buried with her husband.  The ceremony was BEAUTIFUL!  The weather couldn’t have been nicer and the ceremony was just perfect- and planned the way she would have wanted it.  She even sent us all a sign, as a random leaf (no trees around, mind you) swirled down from the heavens, noting her presence.  It  was perfect.  Grandma Dot would have especially liked the way we celebrated after…Food, Fun, and a much needed Jam session on the GUI-tar 🙂

Papa Jim jammin’ out

Aunt Gerallyn, Mama Susan and Aunt Oregon Ellen

Henry (he is responsible for my bling :-)) and Joyce (they were babysitting Lola)

Cousin Ellis Jammin

Uncle Bobby on the GUI-tar 🙂

“The Kids” Kevin, Ian, Myself and Alison

Ian and I enjoying la musica.

…And it didn’t stop there.  While most people went home, we were left riled up and excited to veiw the Neil Diamond concert video that apparently Mama Sue and Papa Jim “starred in.”  I was thinking, “yea RIIIIIIght.”  Boy did they prove me wrong!!!!

The screenshot- sooooo cool!  They are famous!  And such a nice-looking couple, no?  Love them.

…And the dancing continued.

The next morning was filled with eggs and bacon and a fantastic run!  But before I left on my journey, we said goodbye to Kev and Ali, and I made Pregnant Ali take a Pregnant Picture. She is due in March and looks great!  Too cute.

BTW, it’s a girl! I am going to be an Aunt!  I already let that baby know who will be buying her the first pair of many Ugg boots and all of her other hip accessories.

After that, I was off for a run through BEAUTIFUL Pound Ridge.  My father-in-law set me off on a 4 miler through town, but the hills were HIL-acious!  hahah  very tough towards the end but all-in-all I felt great!

Unfortch by that time, we had to get on the road to watch the G-men (note- each time the Giants play, I am risking my own life being around the husband.  He is very handsome and kind looking-see below- but all changes when the Giants are on the tube).

The ride home consisted of me trying on my new “Gdot gear”

sweet hat

other goodies

Practicing my “serious face”

…And need I explain?!?!?!?

See that “who wore it better”  Check in with the blog later for some really exciting news regarding this topic!!!! woohoooo! 

One more thing- at the Downes’ house they had a memorial table for Gdot:

G-Dot’s “table of treasures.”

I LOVED this poem plaque (SOOOO much truth to it) she had and wanted to end my post with it so we can all start our week of right!  Pass it on!


Know me thru pics…”those were the best days of my life…”

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So, a picture says a thousand (or million) words, right?

Best night of my liiiiiife!

Best night of my liiiiiife!

Cali!  My boy and his boyzzzz

Cali! My boy and his boyzzzz

bestie Kelly at my shower!

picked the prettiest wedding party ever!

bestie Bri and I LOOOOVE carzzzzz

too cute

love me some family!

Parents (left) Other parents (right)

the girls!  mommy sissy and grandma

Husband’s bro KEVV and his wife.

Daddy and doggies (his is Norman- white poodle, 5 lbs. soaking wet- my dad is Nate- Norm and Nate- how cute)










POUND RIDGE, NY for Christmas…and Thanksgiving


OY.  No more pics, please!!!! 🙂  talk to you soon!