Truth-day Tuesday 3

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I almost forgot this week!  I will make it fast bc Im TIYUUUUURD.

1.  I have used my jogging stroller for a total of two times for the purposes of jogging including today. I decided it was a hell of an expensive “mall stroller” to sit in the trunk and thought it would be a good training tool.  So out we went. You haven’t run until you’ve done so pushing a 40 lb jogging stroller…with an almost 20 pound baby in it.  I have the BOB revolution and like it.  It is hard though and it was rainy and windy.  There were points in the run where I was pretty sure I was standing still.  Tough stuff.

2.  I won’t eat at food trucks.  I have REALLY weird OCD stuff surrounding food.  I fear germs within food and food trucks seem dirty to me. I know it is crazy and I know I am missing out, but this is Truth-day Tuesday and that is “DA TRUF!”

3.  I am really impatient.  It is a personality trait that i do not admire either within others or myself. It is something I TRULY wish I could change, but in my 33 years (almost) I have yet to do so.

4.  I totaled one of my cars by hitting a deer while driving in “the sticks.”  Yup, told you I have some ridiculous car stories.. It was my first car ever. It was a hunter green Toyota Echo that my dad INSISTED I buy.  I didn’t like it then and I still don’t like it. (The idea of it; the car is long gone.  I don’t even think they make them anymore?)

5.  I have a thing for Canadian hockey players.  I love the badass-ness of them. I LOVE a good hockey fight. I am a big Flyers fan.  My favorite is Wayne Simmonds.  YUM. YUM. YUM.

OK, still waiting for someone to share something!!!

Truth-day Tuesday 1

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So, this is a blog series that I am starting that will be focused around letting you in on random facts about yours truly. I have seen others do this and have found it interesting. You will either agree or not 😉 But judge. Definitely judge 😉

So, each Tuesday I will post five random facts about myself. Some have background stories and some are just that: random facts. I invite you to chime in and tell me random facts about yourself as well in the comments. Alright here goes the first episode of truth-day Tuesday…

Funny, this reminds me of a game I used to play with my new students each year that was called to truths one false. Each person would say two true things and one false thing about themselves and everybody would have to guess which was which. Only in this “game “all of them are true. Hmmm… Ok here we go:
1. Speaking of being a teacher, although I truly feel that this is what I was meant to be (other than on special assignment as a mommy to zach), I was actually an Accounting major for The first few years of my college life. One day I woke up, asked myself “what am I doing?” and walked right to the Registrar’s office to change my major to elementary education. Both of my parents were teachers, and I think that I was hesitant about following in their footsteps “because I thought I should” but that wasn’t it all. It was because I KNEW I should. I was BORN to be a teacher, whether it was “in my blood” or not.  So, a couple summer sessions and years later I actually graduated on time as an elementary school teacher. True story. And I still use what I learned as an accounting major. I like math. It is concrete. Remember I am Type A.
2. I enjoy taking showers in the dark. Often times I find the most relaxing showers to be after Zachary goes to sleep. I like to turn the lights off. I don’t know it’s weird but it’s what I like.
3. I have extremely crazy dental hygiene issues. I floss and brush like it is my job. And on top of that, I go to the dentist by choice every three months to get my teeth cleaned. I used to have extreme dental phobia but decided to try “immersion therapy” in terms of going more often, and then I got hooked. More funny backstory to this: I met my dentist in Nordstrom where I used to work for my part-time gig (you know, because as I told you in #1 I’m a teacher and we make the big bucks), but that’s another story. I instantly clicked with his wife and started going to him even though his office is in Downingtown and I live in Center City Philadelphia. Hour drive.  Seriously though, if you need a good dentist, email me. Oh, and I will be passing my crazy dental hygiene onto Zachary.
4. My favorite number is four. There is really no rhyme or reason to this, except that, I guess April is my favorite month and its number is four. My birthday is in April. So is Zach’s and other important events. This is going to sound super strange, but I just have always loved the number four. It’s very even (duh), I like the way it looks, it’s Just an all-around good number.  Aaaanddd cue the weirdness 😉
5. I am extremely superstitious. I don’t think that outwardly I would appear to be so, but in reality I am. I knock on wood a lot. Really. I guess I am just super thankful for everything in my blessed life and I am aware at how quickly it can be taken away…so I knock  on wood and the like.  Because, you know, that works 😉

OK, so there was my first installation of “truth-day Tuesday.”  I hope you enjoyed!  Please share some random facts about you in the comments!  We all like to share our weirdness eccentricities. And here is your cute Zach pic for the day!