Wedding dress remorse????


So, one of my favorite things to do is look through old pictures.  While I was doing so, I came across the following dilemma.  I just don’t LOVE the wedding dress I wore (I know, it was not even a year ago and I need to get over it, but hear me out)!  And it’s really funny because when I started on “the dress search” I KNEW I wanted like a ballgown.  Not too big and bulky, but definitely SPECIAL.  Well, I did end up buying a dress like that. It was 399 at David’s Bridal.  Yes, you read that right 399!  I cannot resist a bargain!  But shortly after I bought it, I felt a bit of remorse.  There are just SOOO many dresses out there and there are sooo many to pick from.  You get into the trance, and you begin to question question question. SO, I went back to the store and ended up EXCHANGING that dress for another one (only 200 bucks more).  Dress number ONE is below.

I basically felt like I couldn’t move well, and to be honest, I felt FAT.  Now, I feel like I should not have let my body image make this decision for me, becuase now I sorta wish I had worn the one above.  NOT that the one I ended up wearing was ugly, and it certainly was something I would wear, but I should have stuck with my gut instincts, and not let my feelings ABOUT my gut (lol) deter me.  Anyway, what do you guys think? I am going to put it out there…please be honest.  Just curious.  Here is the dress I actually ended up wearing.

The lace was antique and beautiful…

PS:  The amazing dress below that I wore to our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner was another ridic bargain from David’s Bridal- it was 49 buckaroos!

And yes, I had THAT much fun!